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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Dog Fences - Wireless & Underground Wire Systems > Perimeter Pet Fence Systems

Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence

Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence

The Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence covers 2.5 acres - three times the coverage area of other wireless systems!

Wire-Free - The first and only WiFi dog Fence with superior 2.4 GHz WiFi Signal Technology.

The Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence system utilizes the latest fully integrated transceivers used in advanced asset tracking applications and the latest wireless communication devices.

This intelligent WiFi pet fence provides freedom from the hassles of digging trenches and burying wires. And because the indoor Smart Station transmitter is also completely wireless, this WiFi system is a portable dog fence. You can just pick it up and go!

IMPORTANT: The following obstructions on your property will result in loss of signal and performance. Please read carefully to determine if a WiFi fence for dogs is right for you. (Also see FAQs below)

  • No radio signal will pass through large metal structures which could include cars, metal studs and siding/roofs, metal sheds or other metal objects. The closer the metal object, the greater the potential for unwanted interference and will result in a reduction or complete loss of signal/performance.
  • Hilly or mountainous terrain and/or heavily forested areas all will significantly reduce the performance of a Wi Fi dog fence due to restricting the signal's line of sight.
  • If your property has these obstructions, we recommend that you opt for one of our under-ground wire dog fence systems instead of a WiFi dog fence.
  • Perimeter WiFi Wireless Dog Fence System Features:

    • Transmitter Size: 5" x 5" x 3"
    • Coverage Area: 2.5 Acres
    • Perimeter WiFi Fence

    • Superior 2.4 GHz WiFi Signal Technology provides three times the coverage area of other wireless systems
    • 802.15 latest wireless technology
    • Soft rubber Comfort Contact probes on the WiFi dog collar
    • 8 Different pet friendly adjustable stimulation levels, from 0 being no correction/tone only to 8 being a significant correction
    • Exclusive wireless SmartStation is 1/10th the size of other wireless systems indoor units and can be conveniently located just about anywhere
    • Real time range indication
    • Peace of mind with lost signal warning
    • Fence challenge notification
    • View your pet's collar battery status without ever touching their collar
    • System operates up to two (2) collars maximum
    • Waterproof collar
    • 12V adapter included for using the Wire-Free on the go (such as RV use)
    • Additional battery included to facilitate battery rotation ensuring (when charged properly) that a fully charged battery is available for use.

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