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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Dog Fences - Wireless & Underground Wire Systems > Wireless Dog Fence - PetSafe, Bluefang, Perimeter & Others > Perimeter WiFi Wireless Dog Fence

Perimeter WiFi Wireless Dog Fence

The Perimeter WiFi Wireless Dog Fence System covers up to 2 1/2 acres without having to bury wires!

A Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence System is the ultimate pet containment solution. It's invisible, it's easy to install (no wires means no digging trenches) and it utilizes superior 2.4 GHz WiFi Signal Technology. And because the Perimeter Fence for dogs is wireless, it's portable!

The collar battery is rechargeable; two are included so you will always have a fully-charged battery available. This Wi Fi dog fence system comes standard with one WiFi dog collar. An extra wireless dog fence collar can be purchased to contain a total of two dogs.

See our valuable FAQs section for these products!

Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence
(Item #: PT-WIFI)
WiFi Dog Collar - by Perimeter Technologies
Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence and Collar Replacement Battery
(Item #: PT-1027003)
Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence
Your Price: $339.95
WiFi Dog Collar - by Perimeter Technologies
Your Price: $149.95
Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence and Collar Replacement Battery
Your Price: $14.99

Perimeter Technologies' Wi Fi Dog Fence system was designed and is manufactured in the U.S.A. It is the only wireless DIY dog fence that gives you the ability to control the stimulation settings for each dog on the system (up to two dogs).

Perimeter WiFi Fence FAQs



Will a Perimeter WiFi dog fence system work on all types of property? No, there are some exceptions. If something is in the way of the line-of-sight between your house (where the SmartStation transmitter is) and your dog, it could be a problem area with a wireless dog fence. This would include hills, wooded areas, out-buildings and other property features that block the line-of-sight between the Perimeter Technologies SmartStation and the WiFi dog collar.

Large metal obstructions are a big problem. No WiFi dog fence signal will get through large metal structures such as metal sheds, metal roofs or siding, metal studs, etc. Even cars can obstruct the signal.

If your property contains the types of obstructions described here you may be better off with one of our underground electric dog fence systems. It's a bit more work because you do have to run wire to create a boundary.

If running a wire is not an option for you, and all you are interested in is a wireless dog fence, then you might look into the Instant PetSafe dog fence. While the performance of a PetSafe fence can also be adversely affected by metal obstructions, we get fewer people stating that it's a problem.

Does the wireless Perimeter Fence for dogs work like an underground pet fence? Yes. The system comes with a SmartStation transmitter that you keep inside your home. Your dog wears a WiFi dog collar transceiver that will deliver a tone warning if your dog approaches the boundary. If your dog continues toward the boundary the collar will deliver a static correction.

One difference in coverage is that the Perimeter WiFi Pet Fence System provides a circular containment area. It cannot follow the exact boundary of a property like a buried, in-ground wire system can.
Will the Wi Fi Pet Fence interfere with my wireless computer? No. The Perimeter Technologies WiFi Pet Fence uses radio signal protocol 802.15, which is not the same protocol used by wireless routers.
Is it necessary to have a computer or internet service in order for the Perimeter WiFi Pet Fence System to operate? No. This WiFi fence for dogs does not require a computer or internet service.
What does it take to set up a Perimeter WiFi Wireless Dog Fence System? Not much at all. Just plug in the SmartStation (in any household 110v outlet) and charge the WiFi dog collar battery. Then insert battery into the WiFi dog fence collar.

To set the dog fence boundary push the program button on the Smart Station, then carry the Wi Fi dog collar to where you want the boundary, walk back to the Smart Station and save your settings by pushing the program button. And that is pretty much it. Now you can introduce your dog to the concept of a WiFi fence for dogs. Please read and follow your manual instructions.
Can the Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence System contain more than one dog? Yes. This Wi Fi Dog Fence can be expanded up to a maximum of two dogs with the purchase of an additional WiFi dog collar.
How big is the pet containment area created by the Perimeter WiFi Wireless Dog Fence System? The Perimeter WiFi dog fence can cover a maximum radius up to 200 feet, or approximately 2 1/2 acres, if there are no obstructions to the signal. Since most property does have some level of interfering obstructions, coverage radius averages between 25 and 150 feet.
Are the batteries rechargeable? How long will they last? The Perimeter WiFi dog fence collar runs on a 3.6v lithium ion battery that you recharge in 4-6 hours in the SmartStation. With approximately 300 recharge cycles, the battery should last for years. Whenever you do need to replace it, it easy to find wherever batteries are sold and is not expensive.
Is the system meant for any size dog? The WiFi dog collar is lightweight at only 2.3 oz., but you'll want to be sure your dog can handle the size of the receiver on the collar which is just a bit larger than receivers on collars for underground dog fences. The size of the collar receiver with the Perimeter WiFi Wireless Dog Fence System is: 1.5"W x 2.5"L x 1.25"D.
What does the Warranty cover? When you purchase a Perimeter Wi Fi Dog Fence from America's Pet Store you are entitled to the manufacturer's warranty coverage. The Perimeter Technologies Limited Lifetime Warranty covers defects in materials and/or workmanship for a period of one full year at no cost to the owner. After one year labor charges will be assessed and shipping fees may apply.

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