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Pet Beds

Pet beds galore! No local store could ever offer such a great selection.

You'll find shopping for pet beds on America's Pet Store offers you more choices than would ever be found in a local store. We've put together a line-up that strives to offer such a variety of doggie beds and cat beds that you are sure to find a price, size and style to meet your needs.

Heated pet beds for drafty floors, orthopedic pet beds for dogs with arthritis, raised pet beds, dog cots – these are just a few examples.

And what about colors? Fabric choices? You'll find a wide array of colors and prints available with doggie beds and cat beds offered at America's Pet Store.

See our valuable Pet Bed section for these products!

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Dog Cooling Mats, Beds & Crate Pads
Pet Beds
A dog cooling mat, bed or crate pad will help keep your pet comfortable and protect against heat stroke.
Pet Beds with Sides - Bolsters
Pet Beds
A pet bed with sides is the preferred style for most dogs and cats. Yes, really!
Crypton Pet Beds
Pet Beds
Crypton Pet Beds are the ultimate in beauty, durability and are GREENGUARD certified.
Orthopedic Pet Beds
Pet Beds
Orthopedic pet beds offer much better support and are enjoyed by healthy pets, too, not just older pets.
Furniture Covers for Pets
Pet Beds
Furniture covers for pets that prefer to sleep on your furniture. See pet furniture covers with ties and dog chair covers.
Raised Pet Beds - Dog Cots
Pet Beds
Raised pet beds and dog cots keep pets off the damp ground and offer great support.
Furniture Pet Beds
Pet Beds
Stylish and modern loungers and wooden pet beds
Cat Beds
Pet Beds
A variety of cat beds to suit your kitty cat and your home!
Kennel Pads, Dog House Mats & Crate Beds
Pet Beds
Mats and Pads for your dog house, kennel, crate, carrier, or just use as a simple bed.
K&H Heated Dog Beds
Pet Beds
Keep your dog warm with one of these therapeutic warming dog beds. Choose from indoor, outdoor, and self-warming models.
Pillow Pet Beds
Pet Beds
Pillow pet beds by Petmate and other well-known brands provide pets a comfy spot to call their own.

Many pet owners have been through the disappointment of purchasing a pet bed only to have their pet ignore it completely. If that has been your experience here are a few tips to keep in mind that might help you select a pet bed that your cat or dog simply will not be able to resist.

The first thing to think about is size. Please do not select a pet bed by the weight of your pet, even though some pet beds do publish a weight recommendation. You really need to purchase pet beds by size. Compare the size of the pet bed to the actual size of your cat or dog. A rule of thumb to follow is to select a size large enough that will allow your pet to fully stretch out, but not much larger than that. A large pet bed that is oversized has a higher chance of being ignored by your pet. They just don't present the type of space animals prefer when at rest: a tight space.

Smaller spaces are easier for pets to monitor (and that is what they do instinctually) and if small enough can be monitored while a pet is at rest or even asleep. So rule number one is don't buy a pet bed that is a lot bigger than your pet or you run the risk they may ignore it.

Another tip is to choose a pet bed with sides. This also supports a feeling of security and a space that is defined and easy to monitor. Cats, dogs and most animals prefer to have their back covered. Again, it is instinct to want to have their back side up against something. It helps ensure nobody or no animal can sneak up from behind.

The last tip to help purchase a pet bed that your cat or dog will love and will use is to purchase one that seems cozy and comfy to you. Get one with a healthy amount of stuffing, we even carry overstuffed pet beds. Or consider a memory foam pet bed which is also quite comfortable.

Beds for dogs that chew and other special needs

If you have special needs such as beds for dogs that chew or beds for dogs with arthritis you'll find pet beds on our website to meet your needs. In the case of cats, many of our pet beds are appropriate for both dogs and cats. However, to make shopping easier, we do have a separate category that is devoted to brands and styles of pet beds that work as cat beds.

Shop with confidence at America’s Pet Store and save with our everyday low prices!

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