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Pet Doors for Sliders

A pet door for sliders is the most popular style because they are very easy to install.

A pet door for sliders is one of the easiest styles of pet door to install however there are differences among the many models and brands on the market. Some pet doors for sliders require a little more work than others but in general they take much less time and effort, mostly because there is no cutting of doors or walls involved.

Please Note: If you need a pet door for vinyl sliders such as those manufactured by Andersen or Pella, see valuable information below for direct links to appropriate models.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

Browse Pet Doors for Sliders
Pet Doors for Vinyl Sliding Doors
Pet Doors for Sliders
Pet doors for vinyl sliding doors such as many Andersen and Pella sliding glass door models.
Doggie Doors for Aluminum Sliders
Pet Doors for Sliders
Doggie doors for aluminum sliders; see all major brands in a range of prices.
Double Pane Sliding Glass Dog Doors
Pet Doors for Sliders
If you have double pane sliding glass doors you should purchase a double pane pet door to significantly improve insulation and energy efficiency.
Single Pane Sliding Glass Doggie Doors
Pet Doors for Sliders
Single pane sliding glass doggie doors are ideal for temperate climates where extra insulation is not necessary.
For Screens (Doors, Windows, etc.)
Pet Doors for Sliders
Install these pet doors in a srcreen window, screen door, screened storm door, or the screen slider on your patio door.
Pet Doors for Extra Tall Sliding Glass Doors - Over 90"
Pet Doors for Sliders
The extra tall sliding glass doggie doors in this section all offer optional heights over 90" tall.

Most pet doors for sliders are made for aluminum sliders, not for vinyl sliding doors. If you need a Pella dog door, an Andersen dog door or a pet door for any other brand of vinyl sliders please see Ideal VIP Vinyl Patio Dog Doors and Hale OMNI patio pet doors for vinyl sliders.

It will take you a little bit longer to measure for a pet door for sliders than it would take to measure for other pet door styles. That's because there are a few more measurements to consider.

Measure your dog first (do not rely on weight or breed recommendations)
Pet doors for sliders are available in all sizes so whether you need a small pet door a large pet door or even an XL pet door you should be able to find what you need.

Any style of pet door, not just pet doors for sliders, requires you to measure your dog's width and height and compare it to the dimensions of the flap on any dog door you are thinking about buying. Or, in the case of an electronic pet door that doesn't have a flap, compare your dog's size to the size of the pet entrance.

Naturally the entrance needs to be large enough (width and height) to accommodate your pet. If you have numerous pets it should be big enough for your largest pet. On the other hand you don't want to have an entrance that is way too big, especially if conserving your home's heat or air conditioning is a concern for you. Remember, even the most energy-efficient pet door will allow heat or air conditioning to escape when your pet uses it, just like when you open regular doors in your home.

Measure the width of your sliding door and compare to the width of any pet door for sliders you are thinking about buying.

A pet door for sliders sits in the same track as your sliding doors and will reduce the amount of space available for you to slide your doors open. Be sure to choose a pet door for patio doors that will allow enough space for people to pass through after installation. If you have particularly narrow doors a pet door for sliding glass doors may not be a viable option for you.

If you are unable to find a pet door for sliders that will work then you may want to check out our window pet door lineup. Window models are most often used as pet doors for cats but Hale makes large pet doors for windows that can be used as pet doors for dogs. If you have a dog and a high window you may need to incorporate a pet ramp to help your dog use a window pet door.

Measure the height of your sliding glass doors.

A pet door for sliders is pre-installed in a full-size panel that needs to fit in the tracks and match the height of your sliding doors. So you want to make sure that any patio pet door you purchase will match the height of your sliding glass doors. Many pet doors for sliders, such as Patio Pacific Pet Door models, have an adjustment range for height so just be sure that the height of your doors falls within the range.

If you can't find a pet door for sliders that is the right height check out Hale Pet Door Standard Patio Panel models. You can place your order here at America's Pet Store and then Hale will customize the height to your specifications at the factory.

Automatic pet door for sliders

Automatic pet doors for sliders are not as common as manual doors but you can find them at Here are the models we carry:

In addition to pet doors for sliders America's Pet Store carries many other styles from which to choose including pet doors for walls which are the most popular type of pet door. Because of their popularity most brands we carry offer them. In addition to those already mentioned in this article we also carry wall dog door models by DogWalk Pet Door, PetSafe Pet Door, Freedom Pet Pass, Plexidor Pet Door and Staywell Pet Door brands.

Also popular are full-size storm doors with pet doors already installed. Unfortunately we had to make the decision to stop carrying these full-size doors because they are large and unwieldy and therefore tend to get damaged when shipped.

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