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Pet Doors

Pet Doors See all the best brands of pet doors for dogs and cats right here! Staywell, PetSafe, Endura, Plexidor and many other quality brands of doggy doors.

Whether it's a pet door for walls or for your sliding glass doors or anywhere else, we can help. Pet doors can be installed just about anywhere - through a wall or a door, in a sash window, or even inserted in the track of your sliding glass doors. Doggy doors are designed for specific needs and we carry the best of them.

Some are flap-style where your pet manually pushes the flap and others are fully automatic and "smart". Automatic doggy doors will open only for your pet, not for uninvited raccoons or skunks.

NOTICE: Are you replacing an old pet door with a new one? Please see the FAQs and Pet Door Tips below.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

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Pet Doors - Shop by Brand
Pet Doors
Pet doors by High Tech Pet, Hale Pet Doors, Ideal Pet Products and many other well-known and trusted brands.
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Pet Doors
Pet doors categorized by size to make shopping easier.
Energy Efficient Pet Doors
Pet Doors
An energy efficient pet door will help you save on home heating and air conditioning costs.
Patio Pet Doors
Pet Doors
A patio door panel with a built in pet door is the perfect solution if you have sliding doors.
Electronic Pet Doors
Pet Doors
An electronic pet door may use a variety of today’s wireless technologies to provide the ultimate in convenience.
Pet Doors for Cats
Pet Doors
Pet doors for cats can be installed in windows, doors, walls, screens…even sliding glass doors.
Kennel Doors - Commercial Grade
Pet Doors
Heavy duty dog kennel doors built to take a lot of abuse are suitable for commerical kennels and for owners of labradors that like to chew.
Pre-Built House Doors
Pet Doors
Get a glass insert, exterior door or storm door with a built-in pet door!
Window Pet Doors
Pet Doors
A cat or doggie door for windows usually takes just seconds to install; there's no cutting involved and many models require no tools at all.
For Walls
Pet Doors
Doggie doors for walls offer energy efficiency and more options for choosing a spot for installation in your home.
For Screens (Doors, Windows, etc.)
Pet Doors
Install these pet doors in a srcreen window, screen door, screened storm door, or the screen slider on your patio door.
Pet Door Replacement Flaps
Pet Doors
Dog door replacment flaps for PetSafe, Patio Pacific, Hale, & Ideal pet doors.
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Pet Doors
Dog Door Keys, Replacement Parts, Tunnels, Wall Kits, Draft Stoppers, Chargers, and Accessories.

Pet doors are all about freedom, although some models are also designed for security (they don't allow unauthorized animals in such as skunks, raccoons, etc.). Whether you purchase a pet door for cats or a pet door for dogs, you'll appreciate freedom from having to let them in and out.

America's Pet Store is an Authorized Online Retailer for the top brands of pet doors in the U.S. including: Staywell, PetSafe, Endura, Plexidor, Hale and many other fine cat and dog door brands.

NOTE: If you are looking for commercial grade kennel doors please see Gun Dog Doors.

The following are answers to the most frequently asked questions about pet doors. We hope you find this information helpful while researching cat and dog doors. If you require additional information or assistance please contact our Customer Service department and we'll be happy to assist you.

Q. What do I need to know if I already have a pet door installed and I want to replace it with a new one?

A. If you have a hole in your door or wall from an older pet door and you want to install a new door in the same hole, it can be tricky to get a good, airtight fit. One way to get a perfect fit would be to buy the exact same brand, model and size as your previous pet door. However…

Oftentimes it is impossible to find an exact match for an older model pet door. If that is the case in your situation, America's Pet Store recommends that you narrow your choice to pet doors with a "cut out" size that is a little bit larger than the hole that already exists in your door or wall. (If you find pet doors on our site that do not indicate a "cut out" size please contact us for the information.)

That way you can just make the existing hole bigger to match the "cut out" size of your new pet door. This is the only way to get a good fit. If you buy a pet door with a smaller "cut out" size you will not have a good fit.

Nine out of ten pet owners who buy replacement pet doors end up returning them and re-ordering an appropriate size. This results in wasted time and money: shipping fees for returning the wrong size pet door as well as a returns fee. When you shop with us you'll save money with our low prices and free shipping. Returning a product can eat up those savings.

We hope this information will help you avoid the costs and hassles of returning a pet door. If you have questions we are here to help. Please contact us for assistance.

Q. How do I choose the ideal size pet door flap?

A. While researching pet doors that will meet your needs, be sure you're comparing pet doors with flap entrances that are big enough for your pet or pets to use safely and comfortably.

Use the actual size of your pet, not its weight or breed, to determine the proper size pet door. Most people overestimate the flap size needed for pet doors and end up buying one that is larger than necessary and costs more, too. Of course, you'd never want to purchase a pet door that is too small either.

Q. How should I measure my pet?

A. As it turns out, this is a tricky question. It's not very helpful to do an internet search because you will find at least 10 different recommendations on how to measure your pet for a pet door. They can't all be right. Right?

There is really only one sure-fire way to determine adequate flap/entrance size for your pet: cut a hole in a piece of cardboard that is the same size as the entrance on the pet door you are thinking about buying. If your pet can walk through comfortably, then you'll know the size is right.

As a starting point, before cutting the hole in cardboard, measure the width of your pet because that is very easy to do. Open a door in your home just wide enough for your pet to walk through, measure the space of the opening, then add two inches and that will be an adequate width for the flap/entrance on your new pet door.

Ideally, entrances on pet doors should be large enough to provide a 1" clearance all around your pet: at both shoulder widths, below the chest or belly, and above the back or shoulders.

If you have more than one pet that will be using the door and they are very different in size, you'll need to accommodate your larger pet with a flap that is set to the height of the shoulders; and accommodate your smaller pet by making sure that the "rise" (the part of a dog door pets step over to go through) is not too high.

Fortunately, most brands offer all sizes; from a small pet door to a large pet door and various sizes in between. Some brands (but not all) offer sizes that are not as common such as an XL pet door for big breeds like Mastiffs or Rottweilers.

Q. Where is the best place to install a pet door?

A. A pet door can be installed through a wall or door in your home. They can also be installed in windows. If you have glass patio doors you can install a pet door for sliders.

Door-Mount Pet Door: These pet doors are most common among homeowners and can be easily installed by most anyone who is handy and/or good at making repairs around the house. On the other hand they are not too common among people who don't own their own homes because to install them you need to cut a hole into your door. There are quite a few specialty door mount pet doors designed for installation in French doors, screen doors (see our Hale Pet Door section for more info) and glass doors such as storm doors.

Note: If you would rather not cut a hole through your door then an exterior door or a storm door with a pet door already built in might be the perfect choice for you. We also carry Full View Glass Inserts with a built in pet door. These are designed to easily replace the glass insert that already exists in many metal exterior doors.

Wall-Mount Pet Door: A dog door for walls is also more popular with those who own their home than with those who don't, and for the same reason: installation requires cutting a hole through an exterior facing wall.

Unless you are very handy, it is recommended that you find a professional to install pet doors for walls. If you are going to install it yourself, make sure that you confirm that the size of the pet door is exactly what you want before cutting a hole through your wall.

Many pet doors for walls include a pre-fabricated tunnel that is installed between (as well as attached to) the entrance and exit. If a tunnel is not included then it is usually offered as an option. Some tunnels are more difficult to install than others. The easiest to install are telescoping tunnels.

Pet Door for Windows: These models are most common with folks who own cats because cats can jump up or down to get in or out of a pet door that is at window level. A window pet door is quite easy to install, many just sit in the same track as your window. However, some window mount pet doors do require some drilling and screwing for stability, so be sure to read product descriptions carefully before making a purchase.

Pet Door for Patio Doors: These are somewhat like window pet doors in concept because a pet door for sliding glass doors is also usually quite easy to install. Many of them just sit right in the same track (the inside track) as your slider does. If necessary, some manufacturers such as Hale Pet Doors can provide you with a custom-made pet door for sliders to match the height of your sliding glass doors.

Q. What if my sliding glass doors are vinyl instead of the more common aluminum?

A. If your sliding glass doors are vinyl, you will need a specially made pet door for vinyl patio doors. For an example see the Ideal Pet Door VIP series. Most standard pet doors for patio doors are not made to fit in the tracks of vinyl sliding doors (such as those made by Pella and Andersen).

On the other hand, if your sliding glass doors are aluminum most standard patio pet doors will work for you. Just make sure that the width of the track on your sliding glass doors is equal to or larger than the width of the pet door panel insert.

Q. Are there special pet doors made for those who need to keep out extreme weather and wild animals?

A. Yes. An electronic pet door will keep unwanted animals out of your home. And an energy-efficient doggy door will keep out the cold.

Electronic pet doors: An automatic pet door uses infrared or ultra-sonic sensors to detect a signal from a small transmitter hanging from your pet's collar. We carry several brands including the Plexidor RFID dog door, Staywell Pet Doors, High Tech Pet Doors, PetSafe's Electronic SmartDoor, and others.

Energy Efficiency: One of the biggest differences in pet doors is their energy efficiency. Pet doors designed to be the most efficient usually cost more. But over time the extra cost is recouped through savings realized from lower cooling and/or heating bills. America's Pet Store carries many insulated pet doors and energy-efficient pet doors. Among them, just to name a few, are Freedom Pet Pass, Ideal Dog Doors including their line of Ruff Weather Pet Doors, and any dual-pane Patio Pacific pet door for sliding glass doors. Smart Pet Doors by Tech Trol are also good sealing dog doors. However, they have been discontinued and are now on closeout special while supplies last.

Optimum energy efficiency largely depends on a good, strong, air-tight seal on the flap or entrance to pet doors. Also important, in the case of wall mount pet doors, is an insulated tunnel to prevent drafts and condensation.

Of course, when your pet goes through his or her door, you'll lose some heat or air conditioning as the door opens and closes. The idea of a good, strong seal is to prevent leakage of warmed or cooled air when the door is not in use. A lot of people swear by double flap pet doors for increased energy efficiency as well.

Another great pet door brand, DogWalk Dog Doors, that is/was very energy efficient is no longer being made and is available only while supplies last. The good news is they are being re-made under a new name. They are the same high-quality aluminum frame pet doors and they are now called Pet Corp Pet Doors.

Q. How do you train cats and dogs to use pet doors?

A. A lot of times it just comes naturally and cats and dogs will use a pet door the first time they are introduced to one. You'd think they'd been using it all their lives. But others might need some encouragement. Here is a tried and true method:

In the case of pet doors with a flap entrance, prop or hold the door wide open so your pet can see through to the other side…removing any mystery as to what is behind the door.

Put a line of treats leading from one side of the door to the other and let your pet eat them without interfering. (This method works a lot better if your pet is a bit hungry.) If for some reason your pet ignores the treats or refuses to go through the door to get the treats on the other side, be sure you are using their very favorite treat. A ho-hum treat may not provide adequate incentive. As always, patience is a virtue when trying to teach your pet new things.

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