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Pet Gates

Indoor pet gates for the house in many styles and sizes to keep your pet safely confined.

Almost all of the indoor pet gates we offer feature a walk-through gate for people to pass through. Some indoor gates for the house even have a tiny walk-through gate for cats!

We also offer freestanding dog gates, hardware mounted pet gates, retractable doggie gates, wooden dog gates, coated wire mesh, plastic or metal...which we recommend if your dog is big on chewing.

Also see the PetSafe wireless invisible pet barrier for the house that works with a collar receiver worn by your cat or dog.

See our valuable Product Tips section for these products!

Browse Pet Gates
Metal Pet Gates
Pet Gates
Attractive and long-lasting metal pet gates keep your pets where you want them to stay.
Wood Pet Gates
Pet Gates
Durable and strong wood pet gates confine your pets while still matching your home decor.
Free Standing Pet Gates
Pet Gates
Free standing pet gates can be moved from place to place as needed since they are not mounted.
Soft Pet Gates
Pet Gates
Heavy-duty soft pet gates provide an attractive alternative to metal and wood pet gates.
Extra Tall Pet Gates
Pet Gates
Extra tall pet gates for big dogs...or big jumpers. Extra tall pet gates in this section are at least 34" or taller.
Extra Wide Pet Gates
Pet Gates
Many extra wide pet gates can also be used as enclosures. Models in this section are at least 60" wide or wider.
Pressure-Mount Pet Gates
Pet Gates
Pressure-mounted pet gates do not require hardware or tools. They are simple to put up and just as simple to take down.
Walk-Thru Pet Gates
Pet Gates
Nearly all of the gates on our website are walk-thru pet gates.
Outdoor Pet Gates
Pet Gates
Set up a barrier on your deck or porch with an attractive outdoor pet gate.
Dog Gates with Cat Doors
Pet Gates
Dog gates with cat doors offer the ultimate in convenience and pet containment.
Extensions for Pet Gates
Pet Gates
Extensions for pet gates are very helpful to expand the width of your existing pet gate.
Vehicle Pet Barriers
Pet Gates
Vehicle pet barriers are basically dog gates for cars that will keep you and your pet safe while traveling.

Our vast selection of indoor pet gates for the house will help you find the perfect solution to restrict your pet's access to specified areas of your home. A pet gate will keep your dog from going into rooms where it is not allowed such as the nursery, your bedroom, your brand new living room or your kitchen. Indoor pet gates are also ideal to temporarily restrict your dog to a certain area or room when you are not at home or at night.

We offer indoor pet gates for the house in many styles, sizes, construction materials, mounting methods, and for various applications.  In fact, America's Pet Store is an Authorized Online Retailer for many of the finest brands of indoor pet gates for the house available anywhere.

Pet gates for the house are available in wood, metal, plastic and mesh materials. Wooden pet gates are available in high-quality, furniture-grade wood with beautiful stains and finishes. However, for the budget conscious, we also carry simple low-cost wood frame pet gates with coated wire or accordion-style expansion style pet gates.  Metal pet gates are the strongest and most durable so they are perfect if you have a large dog or if you have a notorious chewer.

Available mounting methods on various indoor pet gates for the house are pressure mount gates (which do not require tools or hardware), fixed mounted pet gates or free standing gates.  Pressure mounted indoor pet gates have adjustable features to hold the gate in place and require no mounting hardware, tools, holes drilled, or screws for installation.  Fixed mounted pet gates for the house are the most secure if your canine escape artist might push over a less secured pet gate.

For added convenience some pet gates come with swing-open doors to provide quick and easy access for people instead of needing to step over the gate or remove it.  There are special models of indoor pet gates designed specifically for locations such as the top of a stairwell or others that can also be configured into a dog play pen.  If your dog is tall or is a high jumper, there are many brands and styles of extra tall pet gates for the house that will help better contain your dog.  There are also extra wide pet gates designed to close off large entryways.

In addition to indoor pet gates for the house we also carry a good selection of pet gates for SUVs, trucs and cars. Pet barriers for vehicles are designed to keep your dog from jumping into the front seat while you are driving.

No matter what style of pet gate you may be looking for the chances are very good you'll find it here. See pet gates by Bindaboo, Carlson, Dynamic Accents, Evenflo, Four Paws, Gateway/GMI, Highlander, Kensington, Kidco, Retract-A-Gate, Richell and many more.

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