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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Pet Steps & Pet Ramps > Pet Steps & Pet Ramps for Water

Pet Steps & Pet Ramps for Water

Pet Steps & Pet Ramps for Water Pet steps for water and dog water ramps help pets get out of a swimming pool, or back onto a boat or dock.

Most people buy pet ramps or pet steps for water to allow their dog to join them while having fun in the water and also as a safety precaution. It is estimated that thousands of pets drown in family pools each year, even pets that are trained to exit a pool at a shallow end with stairs.

Pet steps for water have also been known to be used by wild animals trying to get out of a swimming pool. These products are easy for animals to see, even with a limited line of vision while in the water.

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Pet Steps & Pet Ramps for Water
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Pet Steps & Pet Ramps for Water
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Dog-On Water Ramp
(Item #: DOG-ON-WATER)
Skamper-Ramp - Dog Water Ramp
(Item #: SKR4)
Super Skamper Dog Water Ramp
(Item #: SKR3)
Paws Aboard Dog Boat Ladder
(Item #: PA-5200)
Dog-On Water Ramp
Your Price: $389.99
Skamper-Ramp - Dog Water Ramp
Your Price: $53.96
On Sale!
Super Skamper Dog Water Ramp
Your Price: $71.96
On Sale!
Paws Aboard Dog Boat Ladder
Your Price: $299.99
PupGear doggydocks Water Ramp
(Item #: doggydocks)
PupGear doggydocks Folding Water Ramp
(Item #: FDD)
PoolPup XL Pool Stairs
(Item #: 222112)
PetSTEP Swimming Pool Legs Kit
(Item #: PETSTEP-228)
PupGear doggydocks Water Ramp
Your Price: $380.00
PupGear doggydocks Folding Water Ramp
Your Price: $425.00
PoolPup XL Pool Stairs
Your Price: $255.99
PetSTEP Swimming Pool Legs Kit
Your Price: $59.99

Does your dog love to swim? It's a rare dog that doesn't love playing in the water. If you own a pool or a boat then a set of pet steps for water or a dog water ramp is a smart idea. Obviously if your pet is aging and not as agile as he or she used to be, then pet steps or a dog ramp for the water will help your pet get into and out of a pool or a boat safely.

However, even if your pet is young and spry, there is always increased potential for injury when trying to climb in or out of a pool or boat. And if you are helping your pet to climb there is potential for you to get injured, too.

If you allow your pets in your pool and feel confident that they know how to get out of the pool, it's important to realize that they still can get disoriented while treading water in a pool. Some animal experts say that dogs rely on landmarks located on the deck to find their way to the shallow end and make their exit.

If your dog's landmark is moved or altered, it could be enough to disorient him or her. Remember, while treading water your pet's line of vision is very limited. It is not like they can stand up and look around. Pet steps and pet ramps for water are easy to see from the viewpoint of an animal that is treading water.

Some people don't allow pets in their pool, but that doesn't mean they won't accidentally gain access. Again, a set of pet steps for water or a dog water ramp can save your pet's life. They can also allow a safe exit for other critters that may end up in your pool. Again, it's because animals can see these products from their vantage point while in the water.

America's Pet Store carries a good selection of pet steps and pet ramps for pools, boats and docks. We are proud to be Authorized Dealers for top-notch brands such as Skamper-Ramp, PoolPup, PetSTEP, PupGear and Paws Aboard.

If you would like assistance or have any questions about any of our pet steps or pet ramps for water, please contact us at or call us toll-free at 1-800-870-1941 Mon.-Fri., 8:30-4:30 EST.

In addition to pet steps for water we also carry other affordable pet steps including collapsible pet steps, designer pet steps and many other styles.

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