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Pet Steps & Pet Ramps

Pet Steps & Pet Ramps Pet steps and ramps make life easier for ailing or aging dogs and cats.

TIP: Pet steps and pet ramps are also a good idea for healthy dogs to help prevent or delay age related joint health issues down the road.

Pet ramps for dogs help them to get up and down from places like an SUV or pickup truck, a high bed or chair, or a boat or dock in the water. We carry dog stairs as well as pet ramps for dogs to fit almost any situation:

  • Dog stairs for beds
  • Portable telescoping pet ramps; folding pet ramps and accordion style pet stairs.
  • Hitch-mounted pet steps for SUVs or pick-up trucks
  • Pet steps and pet ramps for boats, pools & docks.
  • Also see the Solvit CareLift Lifting Harness

    See our valuable Tips section for these products!

Browse Pet Steps & Pet Ramps
Pet Steps & Pet Ramps - Shop by Brand
Pet Steps & Pet Ramps
Check out top brands of pet ramps and pet steps by Mr. Herzher's, Solvit, Pet Gear and many others.
Pet Steps for Beds - Shop by Height
Pet Steps & Pet Ramps
Pet steps for beds are generally more stable than dog ramps for beds.
Foam Pet Ramps & Foam Pet Steps
Pet Steps & Pet Ramps
Foam pet ramps and foam pet steps by PetStairz, Scamp Ramp, Bowser and Snoozer.
Hitch-Mounted Pet Steps for SUVs & Pickups
Pet Steps & Pet Ramps
Hitch mounted pet steps for SUVs and pickup trucks are commonly used by people, too! Great Gift Idea!
Wood Dog Ramps & Pet Steps
Pet Steps & Pet Ramps
Quality wood dog ramps and dog stairs including Doxie ramps that are attractive and come in many styles and sizes.
Pet Ramps & Pet Steps for SUVs
Pet Steps & Pet Ramps
Pet steps and pet ramps for SUVs help dogs get in and out of high-sitting vehicles. They are a big help to dogs who are elderly, injured or post-surgical.
Folding Pet Steps & Pet Ramps
Pet Steps & Pet Ramps
Folding doggie steps and pet ramps are easier to store in your home, car, truck or SUV.
Pet Steps & Pet Ramps for Water
Pet Steps & Pet Ramps
Pet steps for water and dog water ramps help pets get out of a swimming pool, or back onto a boat or dock.
Aluminum Dog Ramps by PVI
Pet Steps & Pet Ramps
Shop the finest aluminum dog ramps available. These heavy duty dog ramps are strong and durable.
Portable Pet Steps and Ramps
Pet Steps & Pet Ramps
Portable pet steps and ramps serve multiple purposes, on the road or in your home.
Carpeted Pet Stairs by Animal Stuff
Pet Steps & Pet Ramps
Carpeted pet stairs available in many heights and colors including the wildly popular leopard print.
Telescoping Dog Ramps
Pet Steps & Pet Ramps
Telescoping Dog Ramps are by far the most popular style of dog ramps because they are heavy-duty, easy to use, easy to store and great for the outdoors.

Q. What are the most common uses for pet steps & pet ramps for dogs?

A. Doggie steps and ramps are most commonly used as aids for aging, injured or post-surgical dogs to help them get to their favorite places. The most common request is dog stairs for beds and/or couches.

There comes a time in almost every pet's life when there are noticeable changes in mobility. Just like people, it's not unusual for dogs and cats to endure age-related arthritis, joint pain and/or reduced range of motion. Genetic make-up as well as lifestyle can be the source of these issues, too.

Does your small dog or cat repetitively jump up and down from a high bed or chair? That can be punishing on joints. Do you have a high-sitting vehicle like an SUV or pick-up truck that your aging dog is starting to have trouble jumping in and out of? One of our heavy-duty, telescoping pet ramps, or box-hitch pet steps would make it a lot easier and safer for your pet.

Q. Are pet steps and/or pet ramps beneficial for young, healthy dogs?

A. Pet stairs and pet ramps will reduce discomfort for pets already dealing with mobility issues. But doggie steps and ramps are also a smart idea to help delay or even prevent joint health issues in young, spry dogs or cats that have a lifestyle with repetitive motions. And even smarter for breeds that are prone to hip, back or joint problems such as German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers and others.

The bottom line is dog stairs and pet ramps are good investments whether they are used preventively, or as a way to help reduce discomfort for your pet when jumping up or down. Preventive use of doggie steps and/or pet ramps means potentially delaying or avoiding future health issues as well as associated veterinary costs. And if you're looking for pet steps or pet ramps to reduce pain and improve your dog or cat's quality of life, well, that will be a good investment, too.

Q. Are there any other circumstances I should know about that would call for pet steps or pet ramps?

A. Yes. For example, if you have wood floors in your home, they could present a potential hazard to your dog when jumping off a bed or chair. When dogs land on a wood floor, especially small dogs jumping from a high spot, their paws tend to slip and slide before they can get good footing. Many small dogs accidentally break a leg because of jumping onto slippery wood floors. A set of doggie steps or a pet ramp would reduce or eliminate this hazard.

Q. Pet Steps vs. Pet Ramps: Which are best?

A. If you aren't sure whether you should get a set of doggie steps or a pet ramp for your dog, there are a couple of things to consider that may narrow it down for you. First of all, if your pet is accustomed to climbing up and down stairs in your home, then the concept of using steps will be familiar and no training should be necessary.

However, if your dog is having difficulty navigating steps in your home, then one of our pet ramps may be a better solution. A ramp might also be a better solution if your pet has hip discomfort either from an injury or surgery or just from aging.

If portability is a concern you will find more pet ramps designed for easy stowing and transport (telescoping and folding ramps for example) than you would pet steps.

There are many styles and we have them all: plastic and aluminum pet ramps, handy telescoping pet ramps and bi-fold ramps, and classic-style furniture-grade wooden pet ramps. You can get pet steps for your pickup truck or SUV with a box hitch, carpeted pet steps in a variety of colors or leopard print for your home and in-water pet ramps for the boat, by the dock or in the pool.

Water Ramps for dogs: swimming pools, ponds, boats & docks.
In the U.S. alone, tens of thousands of pets drown in swimming pools every year, even pets that have been trained to exit from shallow ends. In addition, it's not unusual for wild animals such as possums, raccoons, skunks, etc. to drown in a backyard swimming pool. Even wild animals have a good chance of finding their way out of a pool if there is an escape ramp. Water escape ramps are a good idea as a safety precaution, or for everyday use if your pet is a frequent swimmer.

Ramps for boats and docks have become very popular because most dogs love playing in the water and love to swim. Pet owners don’t want to deprive their dogs of such good family fun. But, once a dog is in the water, it can be very difficult to get him or her back up on a dock or back into a boat. It is also risky as you or your pet could get injured.

Just like products for swimming pools, a pet ramp for boats and docks allows pets to get out of the water and onto a boat or a dock all by themselves, without any assistance.

Attractive, furniture-grade wooden steps and ramps
Wooden pet stairs or pet ramps are generally more attractive and easier to coordinate with your home’s décor than ramps or steps made from other materials.

We have a fine selection of pet steps and pet ramps available in various natural woods or wood finishes including cherry, wicker and others. When choosing pet steps or pet ramps, it is recommended that you carefully measure the area where they will be used so you can be sure to purchase a product that is the correct size.

Some training tips: Most dogs and almost all cats will use pet stairs and ramps without any training or coaxing. But some dogs may need some encouragement, especially for going down doggie steps or ramps.

Generally, going up doggie steps or ramps is a lot less intimidating than going down. Therefore it is recommended that you begin training your pet to go up from the bottom of the steps or pet ramp.

We suggest that you use treats to encourage your pet to go up. Start by placing treats at the bottom and gradually move the treats further up until your pet successfully reaches the top.

After your pet is comfortable and confident going up steps or a ramp, it’s time to train for the downward journey. This can be a little trickier. Some dogs will want to jump to the ground when they are only halfway down the ramp or steps. If your dog is elderly, injured, or has just had surgery, you will not want them to jump down.

It may be a good idea to lightly take hold of your pet's collar to gently guide them down the ramp or steps, and again, use treats to encourage the correct behavior.

It's easy to train most dogs to use dog stairs and ramps. But if your dog is very skittish, it could take a little more time. In the case of a skittish dog, patience is a must. Never scold your pet when training to use a ramp or steps. For best results, use only positive reinforcement.

You'll find what you are looking for at America's Pet Store.

We offer a wide selection of many brand names and styles. Telescoping pet ramps are quite popular and we carry models made by Solvit products as well as Mr. Herzher's. Both of these manufacturers also make pet steps. PetSTEP makes folding pet ramps and even has one model that folds up into a carrying case that’s only 16" Width x 17" Height x 8" Depth and weighs only 7 pounds. When it is open it measures five feet long and 16 inches wide.

Pet Gear Pet Steps are designed with wide, deep steps to accommodate both large and small dogs. The steps are wide and deep enough for large dogs to climb up comfortably and small dogs can fit their entire body on each step.

America's Pet Store carries many other styles including no-frills affordable pet steps. Also see our eco-friendly pet stairs, designer pet steps and pet stairs or ramps for the water such as the dog boat ladder by Paws Aboard and the Skamper Ramp escape ramp for pools. Also see collapsible pet steps, foam pet stairs, and many others.

If you would like assistance comparing dog ramps and stairs and determining what will work best for you and your pet, please contact us at or call us toll-free at 1-800-870-1941 Mon.-Fri., 8:30-4:30 EST.

Shop with confidence at America’s Pet Store and save with our everyday low prices!

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