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Pet Travel Products

Pet Travel Products Pet travel supplies to keep your dog, cat or bird safe and comfortable during all your travels.

Our quality pet travel bags and other products and accessories for traveling with your pet offer safety and comfort whether you're traveling by car or plane.

Check out our airline approved travel bags for dogs and cats, pet carriers for your car or motorcycle, dog gates for cars and many other great pet travel products.

See our valuable Product Tips section for these products!

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Pet Carriers & Travel Bags
Pet Travel Products
Pet carriers and travel bags suitable for airline travel or for quick trips to the vet.
Pet Supplies for Road Travel
Pet Travel Products
Dog seat belts, dog car seats and dog seat covers will protect you, your pet and your upholstery!
Vehicle Pet Barriers
Pet Travel Products
Vehicle pet barriers are basically dog gates for cars that will keep you and your pet safe while traveling.
Pet Bicycle Baskets - Pet Bicycle Trailers
Pet Travel Products
Pet bicycle baskets and pet bicycle trailers so you can bike with your dog or cat.
Pet Strollers
Pet Travel Products
A pet stroller makes taking your cat or dog for long walks easy and fun for both of you.
Petmate Portable Travel Kennels & Pads
Pet Travel Products
Petmate Portable Travel Kennels, Portable Crates, and Pads. Your Pet's "Home Away From Home"
Bird Travel Cages - Bird Carriers
Pet Travel Products
Our bird travel cages and bird carriers are ideal for vet visits, short vacations, emergency evacuations and for moving from one residence to another.

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Traveling with your dog: Pet Travel Tips

With advance planning, thorough training, and the right pet travel supplies, anyone can enjoy traveling with a dog. There are three basic areas of concern:

  1. Have ways to keep your dog under control so he is safe and you can be a responsible pet owner.
  2. Bring the pet travel products, accessories and supplies needed to keep your dog comfortable and healthy.
  3. Choose transportation and lodging to make your stay enjoyable.

Airline Approved Pet Carriers

If you are flying with your pet you must first research the rules of the specific airline you will travel on about transporting pets. Airline requirements for pet carriers change and there are seasonal differences, too. Make sure you know the requirements of health certificates and how long they take to obtain.

Some small dogs and cats will be allowed to fly with you in the cabin in airline approved pet carriers, but large dogs will be required to ride in another part of the plane (that is if the airline allows pets to travel in the cargo section of the plane). Make sure you contact your specific airline before making reservations to confirm their rules, weight restrictions and size requirements for how a dog fits inside travel kennels or inside airline approved carry-on pet carriers. Some airlines insist that your dog be able to stand up and turn around when inside an airline pet carrier.

Sherpa Pet Carriers are the most popular carriers for airline travel. Sherpa has specifically designed their carriers to meet most major airline requirements. They have even designed airline-specific carriers for American Airlines and Delta Airlines. A rolling dog carrier is a really smart idea if you and your pet have a long walk to get to a connecting flight. It's one of those times when a wheeled dog carrier is worth its weight in gold. (Speaking of long walks we also carry folding pet strollers.)

However, even if your pet carrier is designated as an airline approved carry-on pet carrier make sure you confirm the specifics with your airline. Many people get to an airline to learn their dog doesn't properly fit in the pet carrier to a particular airline's specifications. This can ruin a trip quickly.

If you plan to have your pet travel in the cargo section of the plane instead of in-cabin with you, be mindful of possible weather/temperature restrictions. In very cold or very hot weather pets may not be allowed to travel in cargo. This includes the temperature at the departure city as well as the destination city.

Traveling by Car with Pets

Now let's talk about being in the car. Your dog needs to be well behaved or restrained in the car. You need to focus on the drive and it's hard to do that with a dog that crowds you or is barking madly at the windows. Fortunately, America's Pet Store carries all the dog supplies for road travel you'll need to assure a safe, enjoyable trip.

You can choose a portable dog crate, a dog seat belt harness, a dog car seat or a pet car booster seat , and the all-important vehicle pet barriers to keep your dog out of the front seat.

Pet totes for small dogs are great if you want to stop to explore a town or city on your travel route. A lot of stores are small-dog friendly and will let you shop so long as your little dog is quietly and safely contained in his or her dog tote. If your dog is a bit too large for a dog tote then a dog backpack would serve the same purpose. In addition, a dog carrier backpack leaves your hands free which is another bonus.

If your travels take you four-wheeling through the woods or to a golf course you may be surprised to learn that you can purchase a specially designed dog carrier for ATVs or a golf cart pet carrier. Just be sure to check the rules on pets if you plan on bringing your dog to a golf course with which you are not familiar.

Another thing to prepare for is a wet, stinky dog. We carry a good selection of washable dog seat covers to protect your vehicle's seats. If you know your dog will be doing a lot of swimming or otherwise will be frequently wet in your car, we also carry Solvit waterproof dog seat covers.

Never, ever leave your dog in a hot or even a warm vehicle. There are fans, cooling mats, and barriers available so you can leave windows down, etc. Carelessness about this can ruin more than your vacation.

Here is how to make travel with dogs, cats and other pets enjoyable and easy.

The most basic basics: Collar, leash, tags and bags

Traveling dogs must be leash-trained, because you may be walking them in unfamiliar, distracting and heavy traffic situations. Good leash manners make it safer and more fun to do exercising and potty walks.

Bring a sturdy leash and collar, plus a spare collar just in case one breaks or is lost. In addition to a regular leash I recommend having a retractable leash for potty time.

Check the contact information on your dog's tags. It is current? Does it include your traveling cell phone number, with area code? If not, your lost dog might be found yet have no way to be reunited with you. The spare collar should also be correctly tagged.

Pooper-scooper bags are also a necessity with traveling. Many places now have laws that require owners to pick up their pet's waste. Mostly, it is just the responsible thing to do.

Well-trained dogs are good travelers

It goes without saying that your dog should be fully housebroken before you travel, but remember that housebroken at home may not mean housebroken on the road! Part of housebreaking dogs is getting them to go on cue. This makes traveling so much easier on them and you.

Reliable obedience commands are vital for traveling, especially "Quiet", "Come", and "OK".

In cars, RVs, planes, or staying in hotels, there is nothing more annoying than a dog that barks at everything and doesn't stop. If your dog is not already trained to stop barking at "Enough" or "Quiet", there are training methods and bark collars that can help solve problem barking.

A good "Come" command is essential for traveling. Far from home, in unfamiliar territory, a dropped leash can be a disaster. Release commands are also important. Training your dog to wait at doors until released can prevent many accidents. When you open a house or car door, teach the dog to wait for their name, or a release command like "OK".

Food and health take-alongs

A changing diet on the road can cause digestive problems. Nothing ruins a vacation like cleaning up after an ill dog. This is no time to experiment with new foods. Bring along enough food, medication, and any supplements you use for the duration of the trip. And don't forget the food and water bowls.

Some travel (including flying and crossing country lines) requires health certificates. Make sure you know about any such requirements before departing on your trip. But even if rules don't require it, it is smart to bring records of your dog's vaccines, your vet's contact information, your dog's medical history in case of an emergency, and even a photo. Some new electronic pet ID tags can keep this information conveniently on the dog's collar.

Portable dog crates are mandatory for air travel, and they can make auto travel easier too. Be sure to introduce the crate well in advance, so your dog is accustomed to it and feels at home. For traveling, furnish your dog crate with familiar toys and other comforting objects. For a dog, traveling in a comfortable crate is like taking his own room with him. It gives him a sense of stability and security.

If you own a parrot and you plan on traveling together many of the same common sense safety tips discussed already apply here as well. However the gear needed is different of course. For starters you'll want to talk to your avian vet to ask for trip preparation tips and make sure you have a good sturdy travel bird cage.

And last, but not at all least, check out our pet bicycle supplies for traveling together on two wheels. We carry pet bicycle trailers, dog joggers and a wonderful selection of pet bicycle baskets for small dogs to sit in while you bike.

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