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PetSafe Dog Doors & Patio Panels

PetSafe dog doors for doors, walls and patios are popular because they are a great value for the price.

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PetSafe dog doors provide flexibility throughout the day. When you install a Pet Safe dog door, you'll have the option of not getting up early or in the middle of the night to let your dog outside. In addition, allowing your pet to come and go as he or she pleases can help build confidence. Behavior problems such as chewing can often remedy themselves when your pet is allowed greater independence.

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Browse PetSafe Dog Doors & Patio Panels
PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door
PetSafe Dog Doors & Patio Panels
Extreme Weather pet door models have 3 flaps offering the best protection for extreme climates. Fits standard doors. Limited lifetime guarantee!
PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door
PetSafe Dog Doors & Patio Panels
PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Doors include a transparent single flap and a locking panel.
PetSafe Patio Panel Pet Door Inserts
PetSafe Dog Doors & Patio Panels
PetSafe patio panel pet door inserts for sliding glass doors allow you to avoid cutting a hole in a wall or door.
PetSafe Aluminum Wall Entry Pet Doors
PetSafe Dog Doors & Patio Panels
A PetSafe Aluminum Wall Entry Pet Door is easy to install with the included telescoping tunnel - fits walls 4 3/4" to 7 1/4" thick.
PetSafe Electronic Smart Doors
PetSafe Dog Doors & Patio Panels
A PetSafe Electronic Smart Door is collar activated so it will keep unauthorized animals out!
PetSafe Plastic Pet Doors
PetSafe Dog Doors & Patio Panels
A plastic pet door by PetSafe gives pets freedom to come and go while going easy on your budget.
PetSafe Cat Doors
PetSafe Dog Doors & Patio Panels
Affordable PetSafe cat doors for windows, screen doors, interior or exterior doors.
PetSafe Pet Door Parts & Accessories
PetSafe Dog Doors & Patio Panels
Includes a various assortment of wall tunnels, collar keys,doorbell chime, and other items,
PetSafe Replacement Flaps
PetSafe Dog Doors & Patio Panels
PetSafe replacement flaps for all models including PetSafe door dual flaps and triple flaps.

PetSafe Panel Door Insert with a Built In Pet Door
PetSafe Panel Door Insert with a Built In Pet Door
Your Price: $145.95

People have come to know and love their PetSafe dog doors. There is a large variety of PetSafe dog doors to choose from including a wide selection of mounting options, quality construction materials, energy efficiency, and a price point to fit every budget.

PetSafe dog doors come in a range of sizes to fit every pet imaginable from small toy breeds to larger dog breeds…even cats. Most models are all available in small, medium, and large sizes. America's Pet Store even has a classification for big dog doors. The Freedom Aluminum, Freedom Plastic, Classic, and Ultimate models are also offered in Extra Large sizes.

To find the right size dog door for your pet, please be sure to measure your pet as manufacturer sizes are not typically consistent even when inside the same brand of dog doors. Also choosing a dog door size based on breed recommendations is not advisable as size variations within a breed could result to a different size door fitting your pet best. The only way to get the right size is to measure your pet. Please review our sizing guides and tutorials on how to measure your pet for a dog door.

Basic PetSafe dog doors include the Freedom Aluminum Pet Door, Plastic Pet Door, and the Quick Fit Pet Door models. Specialty PetSafe dog doors include the Wall Entry Pet Doors, Extreme Weather Pet Door, Pet Screen Door, and the Deluxe Pet Panels for Sliding Glass Door models. There is also a series of PetSafe electric dog doors called the PetSafe SmartDoor.

Many PetSafe dog doors come in single flap or dual flap models. If you are looking for a PetSafe door with dual flaps, we would recommend evaluating the PetSafe Ultimate dog door and the PetSafe Wall Entry door, both which have dual flaps. PetSafe Extreme Weather dog doors actually have three flaps and are perfect for extreme hot and cold climates. Both dual and triple flap models are far more energy efficient than single flap doors. So if you live in an environment that is either very hot or cold weather, you should certainly consider a dual flap model over a single flap dog door.

PetSafe manufactures a large variety of dog doors including automatic dog doors, sliding glass dog doors, and models that you can mount through doors, walls, screen doors, and windows. By first choosing where you plan to mount your dog door, it will help focus your shopping effort to a much smaller subset of dog door models available. Patio door dog doors are popular with renters and others looking for a temporary solution since no hole is needed to be cut into your wall or door. Best of all, most patio dog doors are very easy to install in just a few minutes. If you are evaluating our selection of dog doors for sliding glass doors you should consider the PetSafe Deluxe Patio Panel, which is a spring-loaded heavy-duty aluminum framed patio dog door, so it easily adjusts to the height of your home's sliders.

Choose from durable plastic or aluminum frame models of PetSafe dog doors. If your dog is prone to chewing or you simply need a more rugged product, then you should seriously consider a dog door with an aluminum frame. Of course, be sure to also research the flap material as your dog may also chew the flap. There are very good chew-proof flaps now on the market. Consider the PetSafe Wall Entry, PetSafe Ultimate, and PetSafe Freedom Aluminum dog doors.

Radio Systems Corporation (RSC) owns the PetSafe dog doors brand.  RSC purchased US Pet Products (formerly Pet Eze) and the Johnson Pet Door Company, rebranding these former company products as PetSafe dog doors.  In 2005, RSC also acquired UK based Reilor Holdings, now branded as Staywell, a companion line of pet doors with the PetSafe dog doors. America's Pet Store also carries the full line of Staywell dog doors. Staywell by Petsafe is a budget dog door line. One of America's Pet Store's most popular dog doors was Staywell's infrared dog doors, which have since been discontinued. If that product is of interest to you we recommend reviewing the PetSafe electronic SmartDoor.

There are replacement flaps available for all models of PetSafe dog doors. Some of our more popular models include the PetSafe PAC11 (the PetSafe Extreme Weather replacement flap), the PetSafe Classic replacement flap, and the PetSafe Quick Fit replacement flap. Please check our PetSafe replacement flap guide to make sure you purchase the correct replacement flap for your particular PetSafe dog door model. The automatic PetSafe dog doors have extra and replacement collar keys available.

PetSafe dog doors are a great solution for the economically minded consumer and will keep you and your pet happy for years to come. We also carry PetSafe Cat Doors.

In addition to PetSafe, America's Pet Store carries many other leading brands of energy-efficient dog doors including Ideal dog doors, Ruff Weather dog doors, Hale dog doors, Plexidor dog doors, and Patio Pacific Endura Flap Dog Doors.

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