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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Dog Fences - Wireless & Underground Wire Systems > PetSafe Dog Fence Systems & Accessories

PetSafe Dog Fence Systems & Accessories

PetSafe dog fence systems come in a variety of models for both indoor and outdoor use, including wireless models.

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PetSafe dog fence systems provide invisible, safe containment for pets.

PetSafe makes underground dog fence systems as well as systems utilizing wireless technology. They also offer wireless pet containment systems for use inside the home.

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Browse PetSafe Dog Fence Systems & Accessories
PetSafe Underground Electric Dog Fence
PetSafe Dog Fence Systems & Accessories
PetSafe Underground Dog Fence Systems are known for being affordable and reliable.
PetSafe Wireless Fences - Outdoor Use
PetSafe Dog Fence Systems & Accessories
Since there are no wires a PetSafe Wireless Fence is portable and easy to take on the road. Wireless pet fencing is great for camping.
PetSafe Dog Fence Collars
PetSafe Dog Fence Systems & Accessories
This is where you can find PetSafe Dog Fence collars to use as a replacement or to add a dog or cat to your fence system.
PetSafe Indoor Wireless Fence
PetSafe Dog Fence Systems & Accessories
For indoor area boundaries for use with cats and wiring required!
Dog Fence Wire and Flags
PetSafe Dog Fence Systems & Accessories
Get extra dog fence wire, flags and sod staples for any brand of underground dog fence.
Extra Wireless Transmitters & Power Adaptors for PetSafe Fences
PetSafe Dog Fence Systems & Accessories
Shop for a replacement PetSafe Power adapter or an extra PetSafe Wireless Transmitter for your PetSafe fence system.

All PetSafe dog fence systems are DIY dog fence products. When compared to a traditional dog fence, a PetSafe containment system is a lot easier to install yourself and costs considerably less. Depending on the size containment area you need, you could save hundreds of dollars or even thousands.

In addition to underground electric dog fence systems, we also carry PetSafe wireless fence models including the PetSafe Instant Fence for outdoor use as well as a PetSafe indoor dog fence systems.

PetSafe Radio Fence Systems / In-Ground models
Underground PetSafe radio fence systems are installed by burying a wire in the ground to define the pet containment area. A radio signal is transmitted from the base unit inside your home and goes through the wire in the ground. If a dog gets too close to the boundary (where the wire is buried) the PetSafe receiver collar will emit a warning tone. If the dog continues toward the boundary, a static correction is issued.

After initial training, most dogs learn to avoid static correction by heeding the warning tone and backing away from the boundary. Keep in mind that the contacts on PetSafe fence collars need to touch the skin on a dog's neck; if the contacts aren't touching the skin then the PetSafe collar will not work effectively.

PetSafe electronic dog fence systems have been designed with versatility as a major feature, particularly for households with multiple pets of varying size and/or temperament. If you have a very large, stubborn dog that requires stronger correction to make him pay attention and a smaller, more timid dog, you can use the same PetSafe dog fence system. What you would do differently is purchase different PetSafe collars for the different dogs. All fence collars would run off the same base unit inside your home.

Based on the example above you might elect to purchase a PetSafe Radio Fence System with a Super Receiver Collar for stubborn dogs. Then you might add-a-dog to your system with the purchase of the PetSafe Comfort Fit Inground Fence Little Dog Collar. That way you would have one safe, reliable PetSafe dog fence for both of your dogs, even though they have different dispositions that require different correction levels.

If you do have multiple pets, we advise that you take some time to research the different models of PetSafe dog fence collars to determine which ones are right for your pets. Most PetSafe dog fence systems are compatible with a variety of collars, including a cat collar.

PRF-304W Deluxe PetSafe Radio Fence
This PetSafe In-Ground Radio Fence comes with a waterproof receiver collar, however it is not rechargeable. The collar comes with a replaceable PetSafe RFA-67 Battery that does not cost a lot and is easy to find when you need to replace it.

PetSafe Radio Fence Features:

  • Four correction levels, plus a tone-only mode

  • Comes standard with 500 feet of 20-gauge wire and 50 boundary flags which is enough to create a containment area that is about a quarter of an acre. To increase the coverage area up to 10 acres, extra dog fence wire as well as training flags can be bought separately. Any brand of dog fence wire will work with PetSafe dog fence systems, you don't have to buy PetSafe branded wire. See more about dog fence wire below.)

  • Training guide/DVD with easy to follow installation instructions
  • Will work for more than one pet with the purchase of extra PetSafe dog fence receiver collars (we carry the full line of PetSafe dog fence collar replacements which are also used as extra collars to expand a system for multiple pets)

  • Built-in alarm to alert you if the underground wire ever breaks

  • Built-in lightning protection

  • One year warranty

The collar that comes with this model of PetSafe fence fits neck sizes from 6" to 28" and is ultra lightweight.

Information about underground dog fence wire:
Any wire made for in-ground dog fence systems will work just fine with a PetSafe dog fence. For example, PetSafe does not offer pre-twisted wire. However, many people like to purchase pre-twisted wire for those areas where you want the fence signal to be canceled (to allow your dog to enter the house, garage, etc.).

It's easier to buy pre-twisted dog fence wire for those areas, otherwise you need to twist the wires yourself approximately 10 to 12 twists per foot. If you are going to section off and cancel the signal in a large area, that could require more wire twisting than you'd like. PetSafe does not offer pre-twisted wire, but we offer High Tech Pre-Twisted Ultra Wire which is probably the strongest, thickest dog fence wire you'll find on the market. We also offer a generic brand of pre-twisted wire that costs less than High Tech's but it is not quite as thick or strong. Either one would work perfectly with a PetSafe dog fence or any other brand of underground pet fence.

PIG00-10777 PetSafe Radio Fence System for Stubborn Dogs
Some dogs are strong-willed and therefore hard to train. If that describes your dog then you may want to consider this particular PetSafe in-ground fence system.

The PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence collar has higher intensity correction levels than are available in other PetSafe dog fence systems. Most pets do not need such high levels of correction. But if your dog is strong-willed or stubborn, it may be the right PetSafe electric fence for your needs.

Also keep in mind that the receiver attached to the Stubborn Dog collar is quite a bit larger than the collar receivers that come with other PetSafe fence systems. A general rule-of-thumb is that it is for dogs that weigh over 20 pounds. If your dog weighs less than 20 pounds he or she can still wear this receiver, but it may be too bulky and uncomfortable. The dimensions of the receiver are: 2.5 " Width x 1.5 " Height x 1.5 " Depth. Weight: 6.5 ounces.

PIG00-10773 PetSafe Elite Little Dog Underground Pet Fence
The receiver collar on this fence model is made specifically for small dogs. It is the smallest receiver collar made by PetSafe and it will fit neck sizes 6" - 26".

This system comes standard with 500 feet of 20-gauge wire which can create a pet containment area of approximately 1/4 acre. Coverage can be expanded with the purchase of extra PetSafe wire and flags. PetSafe sells extra wire in rolls of 500 and 1,000 feet. However, as mentioned above, you do not have to use PetSafe branded wire; any wire designed to be buried underground will work.

We offer various extra wire spools that vary in gauge (thickness), and we offer pre-twisted wire, too. The most heavy-duty underground dog fence wire we sell made by High Tech Pet and is about 3 times stronger than 18-gauge wire and is therefore less likely to break. See High Tech Ultra Wire.

You can add other pets to this system (including cats) with the purchase of extra PetSafe receiver collars. The PetSafe collar models shown below will work with any PetSafe pet fence system.

FYI: We also carry the PetSafe Instant Fence Collar (sometimes called the PetSafe 275 dog collar.) The Instant Fence is an outdoor wireless dog fence system that sets up in minutes and is easy to take with you whenever you and your dog travel. If you are looking for a replacement collar for your Instant Fence, see the PetSafe wireless collar.

PetSafe also makes systems for indoor use that are wireless. If you are interested in wireless indoor dog fence systems check out the popular Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier to keep dogs out of the trash, or off of furniture, or away from any area you designate.

PetSafe Cat Fence
Most PetSafe dog fence systems are made for, well, dogs of course. But they do make one electric cat fence model that is just right for cats that weigh at least 6 pounds. (Not recommended for kittens.)

Even though PetSafe is the maker of the most popular dog fence systems, we carry many other models and brands including the Smart Dog Fence with a rechargeable collar by Innotek Dog Fence Systems and the wifi dog fence by Perimeter Technologies. If you've ever thought of getting an underground wire dog fence before, we hope this information has been helpful to you.

If you are looking for other PetSafe branded products, America's Pet Store offers low prices and free ground shipping on everything including PetSafe ultrasonic bark control products, PetSafe bark collars, PetSafe training collars and PetSafe dog doors, including the easy-to-install PetSafe Deluxe Patio Panel models. We also carry accessories such as PetSafe replacement flaps and PetSafe batteries. If you have one or more cats that you would like to give the freedom to come and go as they like, check out our selection of PetSafe cat doors.

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