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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Dog Fences - Wireless & Underground Wire Systems > PetSafe Dog Fence Systems & Accessories > PetSafe Instant Fence

PetSafe Instant Fence

The PetSafe Instant Fence is a wireless dog fence that can be installed in minutes and provides a pet containment area up to 1/2 acre!

See our valuable Wireless Dog Fence Info section for these products!

PetSafe Instant Fence - Wireless Dog Fence
(Item #: PIF-300)
PetSafe Instant Fence Extra Transmitter (double containment area)
(Item #: IF-100)
PetSafe Short Probes - Male Threads (2 ea.)
(Item #: 200-189)
PetSafe Wireless Fence Replacement Collar - PIF-275-19
(Item #: PIF-275-19)
PetSafe Instant Fence - Wireless Dog Fence
Your Price: $312.99
PetSafe Instant Fence Extra Transmitter (double containment area)
Your Price: $189.95
PetSafe Short Probes - Male Threads (2 ea.)
Your Price: $15.00
PetSafe Wireless Fence Replacement Collar - PIF-275-19
Your Price: $139.95
1 inch PetSafe Replacement Strap for Instant Fence Receiver and Bark Collars
(Item #: RFA-48 ALT)
PetSafe Battery RFA-67 (2-pack)
(Item #: RFA-67D-11)
PetSafe Long Probes - Male threads (2 ea.)
(Item #: 200-190)
PetSafe Boundary Flags
(Item #: RFA-2)
1 inch PetSafe Replacement Strap for Instant Fence Receiver and Bark Collars
Your Price: $15.00
PetSafe Battery RFA-67 (2-pack)
Your Price: $12.99
PetSafe Long Probes - Male threads (2 ea.)
Your Price: $15.00
PetSafe Boundary Flags
Your Price: $21.99

A wireless dog fence system such as the wireless fence by PetSafe is easy for anyone to set up and takes practically no time at all. And there are other benefits to a PetSafe wireless fence.

For example, because it is wireless and so easy to set up, it is a portable dog fence that you can take with you wherever you go.

You can easily install it in minutes and it will give you a containment area up to 1/2 acre! Just slip the PetSafe wirelss collar on your pet, plug the transmitter into an electrical outlet close to the area where you want to confine your pet, set the wireless containment zone…and you're all set.

The transmitter in the PetSafe Instant Fence communicates with your pet's receiver collar and helps contain him in the designated area you set. An unlimited number of pets can be added to your PetSafe Instant Fence as long as they wear the appropriate receiver collar. If you are looking for an additional PetSafe Instant Fence collar you can purchase them separately at America's Pet Store.

All types of electronic pet fences require some basic training of your pet, and the same holds true for the PetSafe Instant Fence. We recommend reading our training guide for electronic pet fences and the product manual that comes with your Instant Fence.

With 5 adjustable levels of correction, plus tone-only mode, it is easy to train your pet without over-correction or concerns about inhumane treatment. The PetSafe Instant Fence also features "run-through protection" so your pet will be reminded to return to the pet area, and a "safety time out" feature where the receiver collar will stop correcting and beeping after 30 seconds until it is returned to the pet area.

The PetSafe Instant Fence is one of the most popular pet containment products on the market today. It is completely portable so you can take it (and your pet) with you wherever you go. By adding our DC to AC Power Inverter, you can even plug the system into the cigarette lighter of your car, boat or RV for more places to use your system.

You can also double the area of coverage of the PetSafe Instant Wireless Fence by adding an extra transmitter. With just one transmitter, the coverage area is a perfect circle. The range of the PetSafe Instant Fence can be increased by using two or more transmitters creating multiple intersecting circles. Two transmitters would create a boundary in a shape similar to the MasterCard™ logo. The signal is cancelled where the circles intersect, allowing the pet access to the entire area.

This product is designed to provide a pet containment solution for outdoors (although the transmitter itself should reside indoors or in an area protected from weather).

Get a Free Upgrade - an America's Pet Store exclusive! We offer the Instant Fence with your choice - at no extra charge! - of soft rubber Comfort Contacts or Gentle Spring Contact posts. (It usually comes standard with traditional metal probes.) These special contact probes are designed to provide extra comfort to your pet wearing the receiver collar and will be shipped with your PetSafe Instant Fence at time of purchase.

America's Pet Store also carries replacement collars for your PetSafe Instant Fence as well as PetSafe replacement batteries.

Another popular containment product is the PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence, also known as the Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier. This wireless PetSafe fence, unlike the Instant Fence, is designed for indoor usage. This wireless indoor fence works in a similar fashion as the PetSafe Instant Fence except the range is smaller, the transmitters are much smaller (the size of Frisbees), and they use different receiver collars.

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