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PetSafe Pet Doors

PetSafe pet door products are affordable and among the most popular.

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A PetSafe pet door will provide your pet the flexibility to come in and out throughout the day. Our large selection of PetSafe pet doors come in a wide range of mounting styles and flap sizes to accommodate a small cat to a large dog. Pet Safe pet doors are constructed of quality material and are safe and secure for your pet.

See our valuable Pet Safe Pet Door Info section for these products!

Browse PetSafe Pet Doors
PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door
PetSafe Pet Doors
Extreme Weather pet door models have 3 flaps offering the best protection for extreme climates. Fits standard doors. Limited lifetime guarantee!
PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door
PetSafe Pet Doors
PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Doors include a transparent single flap and a locking panel.
PetSafe Patio Panel Pet Door Inserts
PetSafe Pet Doors
PetSafe patio panel pet door inserts for sliding glass doors allow you to avoid cutting a hole in a wall or door.
PetSafe Aluminum Wall Entry Pet Doors
PetSafe Pet Doors
A PetSafe Aluminum Wall Entry Pet Door is easy to install with the included telescoping tunnel - fits walls 4 3/4" to 7 1/4" thick.
PetSafe Electronic Smart Doors
PetSafe Pet Doors
A PetSafe Electronic Smart Door is collar activated so it will keep unauthorized animals out!
PetSafe Plastic Pet Doors
PetSafe Pet Doors
A plastic pet door by PetSafe gives pets freedom to come and go while going easy on your budget.
PetSafe Cat Doors
PetSafe Pet Doors
Affordable PetSafe cat doors for windows, screen doors, interior or exterior doors.
PetSafe Replacement Flaps
PetSafe Pet Doors
PetSafe replacement flaps for all models including PetSafe door dual flaps and triple flaps.

There are many styles and sizes of PetSafe pet doors for sale from which to choose. To narrow down the options the first thing to determine is where you would like to install one of the many models of PetSafe pet doors available. PetSafe pet doors can be installed through just about any kind of door or wall, or choose from other models such as a pet door for patio doors or a pet door for screens. You can install these types of Pet Safe pet doors in window screens or door screens. However, at this time PetSafe does not make a sash window pet door that inserts into window tracks.

Pet Safe does make automatic pet door models called SmartDoors. A PetSafe SmartDoor is an electronic pet door that will only open for pets wearing a SmartKey on their collar. If you have critters getting into your home you might want to consider a Pet Safe SmartDoor or some other brand of electric dog door such as a Plexidor pet door or a High Tech Pet Power pet door.

Pet Safe pet doors are available in myriad sizes. They make very small models that can be used as a pet door for cats or toy breeds, and sizes large enough to be used as a pet door for dogs that are really big. If you have a giant breed such as a Mastiff or Great Dane they also offer XL pet door models. If you are looking for PetSafe pet doors in extra large check out the Pet Safe Classic, Ultimate, Freedom Aluminum or Freedom Plastic Series.

All styles of PetSafe pet doors require some measuring on your part before making a purchase, or you'll risk the hassle and expense of having to return it. The top reason PetSafe pet doors are returned after purchase is incorrect sizing. You must measure your pet's shoulder width and shoulder height and compare with the dimensions of the pet flap entrance. If a flap entrance isn't wide enough your pet will not be able to use it. There is no "forgiveness" in width, although there is some in the height measurement.

Some people are tempted to just buy one of our large PetSafe pet doors for their small dog, just to avoid measuring! This is not something we recommend because as pet doors go up in size, they also go up in price. A small pet door will almost always cost less than a large pet door because it takes fewer raw materials to manufacture. In addition, if energy-efficiency is a concern for you then you are better off getting a door that is just big enough, not one that is too big. The most air-tight, energy-efficient pet door, including a PetSafe pet door, will let out heat or air conditioning when your dog or cat goes through the flap. The bigger the flap, the more you lose.

The bottom line is we strongly recommend that you measure your pet before purchasing any of our PetSafe pet doors.

The best way to measure shoulder width is to open a door just wide enough for your pet to walk through, then measure the space. That amount of space would be a good width for the flap entrance. But what about the pet flap height? Here is a general guideline to follow for (but remember that you have a little bit of "play" with height measurements, you can basically give or take an inch or two):

  • Pet flap height of 7 1/2" would work well with shoulder heights up to 8 1/2"
  • Pet flap height of 9 1/2" would work well with shoulder heights 9" - 13"
  • Pet flap height of 12 1/2" would work well with shoulder heights 12" - 15"
  • Pet flap height of 16" would work well with shoulder heights 15" - 20"
  • Pet flap height of 19 1/2" would work well with shoulder heights 21" - 24"
  • Pet flap height of 23 1/2" would work well with shoulder heights 25" - 27"
  • Pet flap height of 27 1/2" would work well with shoulder heights 26" - 31"

In addition to flap entrance size you will need to take other measurements before purchasing any of the PetSafe pet doors we offer.

If you are installing one of the wall mount PetSafe pet doors on our site you will need to know the overall size of the pet door and compare the dimensions with the area on your wall where you would like to install the pet door. Is there enough room to accommodate the pet door or is there a light switch or something else in the way? This is something you don't want to discover after you've purchased a pet door. Also, please be sure to determine there are no wires or plumbing where you plan to cut the hole in your wall.

And, just as noted above for a wall-mount pet door, to install one of the door-mount PetSafe pet doors you'll need to make sure there is ample space on your door to accommodate the overall size of the product.

If you are installing a doggie door for sliding glass doors, such as the PetSafe Freedom Patio Patio Pet Door, there are measurements to be taken in addition to those associated with the pet flap. You will also need to measure the height of your sliders so you can be sure that the patio pet door you are considering will be a good fit. You'll also want to compare the width of the panel to the width of your sliding door. After installing one of our PetSafe pet doors for sliding glass doors will your slider open wide enough for people to pass through?

And lastly, you'll want to take note of the thickness of the patio pet panel. Is it too thick to fit in the track of your patio door?

It has taken me longer to write about measuring for PetSafe pet doors than it will take you to actually measure. And it will be time well spent because who among us enjoys shipping products back after purchase? Keep in mind that a pet door for sliding glass doors is not cheap to ship.

If you have any questions about choosing the correct style or size from our lineup of PetSafe pet doors please contact our Customer Service department and we will be happy to assist you. We can also assist you with a PetSafe replacement flap or any other PetSafe replacement part including PetSafe batteries.

If you want to find out about any other brand of pet door for sliders we can help you with that, too. We carry high-end doggie doors for sliders such as Hale Pet Door and Patio Pacific Pet Door brands. Another popular and affordable pet door for sliders is the Ideal Pet Door brand. Or see other brands with models for installing in doors, walls or windows. You might like a DogWalk Pet Door, Freedom Pet Pass Pet Door, Smart Pet Door or a Staywell Pet Door. (We do not offer storm doors with pet doors pre-installed at this time.)

PetSafe pet doors are just one category of products we carry. We also offer PetSafe bark collar products, and the PetSafe ultrasonic bark control unit. The ultrasonic bark control unit does not require your pet to wear any type of collar. Instead, the unit emits a high-pitched ultrasonic tone that people cannot hear, but dogs can hear it up to 25 feet away…and they do not like it.

The unit is designed to sit on a tabletop or somewhere else in your home to prevent unwanted barking, or you can also carry it with you when going on walks or hikes. The unit can be set to emit correction tones automatically when triggered by barking, or can be set for manual correction at your fingertips. In the manual mode you can also use the unit for other training goals such as keeping pets out of the garbage, or of off furniture or from jumping up on people. Many people use a PetSafe training collar for this type of training.

America's Pet Store is an Authorized Online Retailer for all PetSafe products including underground PetSafe dog fence systems. However, the PetSafe Instant Fence is the most popular pet fence on the market because it is wireless. This PetSafe wireless fence comes standard with one PetSafe Instant Fence Collar, also known as the PetSafe 275 dog collar. The system can handle additional pets with the purchase of extra collars. We carry PetSafe collar replacements for all PetSafe inground fences, including the PetSafe Deluxe Ultralight Receiver collar, as well as PetSafe wireless collar replacements.

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