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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Dog Fences - Wireless & Underground Wire Systems > PetSafe Dog Fence Systems & Accessories > PetSafe Wireless Fence Systems

PetSafe Wireless Fence Systems

For indoors or outside choose a PetSafe Wireless Fence system to meet your needs!

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If you want to keep pets off furniture or out of certain rooms the Indoor PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence will do the job.

To contain your pet outdoors you can set up a PetSafe Instant Fence in minutes and get a wireless containment area up to 1/2 acre!

See our valuable Pet Safe Wireless Fence - Info section for these products!

Browse PetSafe Wireless Fence Systems
PetSafe Wireless Fences - Outdoor Use
PetSafe Wireless Fence Systems
Since there are no wires a PetSafe Wireless Fence is portable and easy to take on the road. Wireless pet fencing is great for camping.
PetSafe Indoor Wireless Fence
PetSafe Wireless Fence Systems
For indoor area boundaries for use with cats and wiring required!

PetSafe Pawz Away Mini Pet Barrier Indoor Outdoor System
(Item #: PWF00-13665)
PetSafe Pawz Away Mini Pet Barrier Extra Zone
(Item #: PWF00-14040)
PetSafe Pawz Away Mat for Dogs & Cats
(Item #: PAWZAWAY)
PetSafe Scat Mat - Cat Training Mats 48 x 20
(Item #: SKMC411)
PetSafe Pawz Away Mini Pet Barrier Indoor Outdoor System
Your Price: $64.95
PetSafe Pawz Away Mini Pet Barrier Extra Zone
Your Price: $41.99
PetSafe Pawz Away Mat for Dogs & Cats
Your Price: $104.49
PetSafe Scat Mat - Cat Training Mats  48 x 20
Your Price: $79.99
PetSafe Scat Mat Cat Training Mat - 30 x 16
(Item #: SKMC421)
PetSafe Scat Mat Cat Training Mat - 30 x 16
Your Price: $72.99

If you are looking for a wireless containment solution for your pet or for multiple pets check out the PetSafe Wireless Fence system offered at for a deal that can't be beat. If you purchase a PetSafe Wireless Fence here you'll get the guaranteed lowest online price, free ground shipping and an exclusive free upgrade!

We will upgrade the contact probes on the receiver collar that comes with your system at no extra charge. You'll get your choice of soft, rubber Comfort Contacts or Gentle Spring contact probes. Either of these special probes will be much more comfortable for your pet than the traditional metal probes that come standard on a PetSafe Wireless Fence purchased elsewhere.

The PetSafe Wireless Fence is very popular with people who don’t want to bury wires (as is necessary for a traditional electronic pet fence), or for those who wish to have a portable containment system. This system is very easy to take anywhere you'd like and sets up in minutes. You can even plug your system into a cigarette lighter in your car, boat or RV with an optional PetSafe Power Inverter!

The PetSafe Wireless Fence is very easy to use. Just put the receiver collar on your pet and plug in the transmitter…and you're good to go. (Be sure to choose an outlet that is located close to the confinement area.)

The PetSafe Wireless Fence transmitter communicates with the receiver collar to contain your pet in the area you designate. You can add any number of pets to your PetSafe Wireless Fence system with the purchase of extra receiver collars.

Electronic pet fences, including the PetSafe Wireless Fence, require some basic training of your pet. We recommend that you read and follow instructions in the product manual included with your PetSafe Wireless Fence.

The system has five adjustable levels of correction, as well as a tone-only mode. This makes it easy to train your pet without making over-corrections. In addition, the PetSafe Wireless Fence has "run-through protection" as well as a "safety time out" feature where the receiver collar will stop correcting and beeping after 30 seconds until it is returned to the pet area.

You can get twice the area of coverage, up to an acre, with your PetSafe Wireless Fence by adding an extra transmitter. When you use just one transmitter, the coverage area is a perfect circle. When you use two transmitters the boundary shape becomes to circles that intersect, similar to the MasterCard™ logo. Your pet will have access to the area where the circles intersect because the signal is cancelled at the intersection.

If you ever need replacement parts or batteries, America's Pet Store carries the PetSafe Instant Fence Dog Collar as well as RFA 67d batteries for the collars.

This product is designed for outdoor use (but the transmitter itself needs to be indoors or in an area that is protected from weather). If you are looking for a wireless containment system for indoor use check out the PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence. Another product made by Innotek, which is a sister company of PetSafe, is the Instant Pet Barrier with Zones and it too is an indoor wireless containment system. Both products work in a similar fashion as the PetSafe Wireless Fence.

PetSafe dog fence systems are very popular, with the PetSafe Instant Fence being the most popular pet fence we sell. It uses the PetSafe 275 dog collar that is also known as the PetSafe Deluxe Ultralight Receiver. America's Pet Store carries PetSafe collar replacements for all PetSafe inground fences as well as PetSafe wireless collar replacements.

In addition to underground and wireless dog fence systems, America's Pet Store carries all other PetSafe products such as: PetSafe no bark collars, including the handheld PetSafe ultrasonic bark control; PetSafe dog doors; PetSafe training collars and all PetSafe replacement parts including PetSafe batteries and PetSafe replacement flaps for dog doors.

Shop with confidence at America’s Pet Store and save with our everyday low prices!

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