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Invisible Fence Power Cap Battery Replacement Alternative

Invisible Fence Power Cap Battery Replacement Alternative

Tired of paying an arm and a leg for Invisible Fence batteries?

Why pay more? Our Invisible Fence Battery Replacement Alternative works perfectly with the Invisible Fence brand Computer Collar.

Or, see all lower-priced Invisible Fence replacement alternatives including compatible fence collars.

This lithium battery is a drop-in replacement alternative for Invisible Fence batteries. It works perfectly with Invisible Fence R21, R22, R51, A12 & MicroLite Computer Collars.

Invisible Fence Replacement Battery

Enlarged Image of our Invisible Fence Battery Replacement alternative

This 3-volt lithium cell battery has a battery life of up to 4 months. It is made from ABS Thermo-Plastic with a water-tight seal.

These Invisble Fence Battery Replacement alternatives are innovative little marvels of technology that work flawlessly with the Invisible Fence receiver collar. They're ranked the highest on the market in durability and performance, and relatively inexpensive when evaluated next to batteries from other companies.

These Invisible Fence compatible replacement batteries require no tools to install and are tamper-proof. The contact material is designed to be stronger for better connectivity and is corrosion resistant.

This battery WILL NOT work in the Perimeter Technologies Invisible Fence Compatible Extra Collar Receiver.

Package includes a single (1) replacement battery.



Will these batteries fit my Invisible Fence Computer Collar?Yes. Unless your fence is very old, these are an exact replacement for the Power Cap battery. They will fit all "R" series* and A12 model Invisible Fence collars.
Are you sure these will work, I have been paying a much higher price for Invisible Fence Power Cap batteries from my Invisible Fence dealer? Yes. These batteries are an aftermarket exact replacement for the Power Cap batteries that Invisible Fence dealers have been charging a much higher price for.
My Invisible Fence dealer says that my fence will not work the same if I use these batteries. Is that true? This Containment Battery Module is the same size, weight, voltage and lithium battery type as the Power Cap battery. You will notice no difference in performance.
Why don't you call your batteries "Power Cap ®"? Power Cap ® is a registered trademark of the Invisible Fence company. These batteries are an aftermarket exact replacement made by another company.
Will it last as long as an Invisible Fence brand Power Cap battery? This Containment Battery Module is guaranteed to last just as long as the Invisible Fence brand Power Cap battery.
Will my collar still be watertight?Yes. The battery seals watertight with a rubber 'O' ring just like the Power Cap ® battery.
My Invisible Fence ® dealer sends me a battery every three months. Will you do that? We do offer a subscription plan where you can select how many batteries you need and how often you want them sent to you. You'll never have to worry about a dead battery again! Or if you prefer, you may purchase without a subscription plan. Details below.
How long can I keep these batteries before using them?The batteries have a shelf life of over 4-years.
Will my Invisible Fence ® warranty still be valid if I don't continue to buy Power Cap ® batteries?It is up to the Invisible Fence ® dealer and the Invisible Fence ® company to decide whether or not to stand behind their product.

*Fits the Invisible Fence ® R-21, R-51 & A12 Computer Collars ®.

Perimeter Technologies and its retailers do not represent that they are affiliated with the Invisible Fence ® company in any manner. Invisible Fence ®, Computer Collar ® & Power Cap ® are registered trademarks of the Invisible Fence ® company. These replacement batteries are not Power Cap ® batteries, rather they are an aftermarket replacement for the Power Cap ® battery.

Price is for a single battery including FREE Shipping.

IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION: This item ships via the U.S. Postal System. Be sure that you provide an address that is served by the U.S. Postal Service in the "Shipping Information " area when placing your order.

Free Shipping!

Item #: PS-IF-BAT

Availability: In Stock. Usually ships in one business day!

MSRP: $15.00

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Optional Subscription Program: If you would like to subscribe to automated future deliveries of this battery, please answer the question below. (If not, please proceed directly to "Add to Cart".) If you want to purchase more than one battery, quantity can be increased once the item has been added to your shopping cart.

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Subscription Program Details: Your credit card on file will be charged at the time of each future shipment. If your card is declined, we will try to contact you by the email, phone number, or mailing address provided. If we are unable to contact you, we will not fulfill the order scheduled at that time. You may cancel your subscription at any time and for any reason up to 5 days before each scheduled shipment by contacting our Customer Service.

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Return Policy: All batteries are non-refundable unless returned in the original, unopened packaging within 45 days of the purchase date.
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