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PlexiDor Electronic Dog Doors

PlexiDor electronic pet doors are dependable, energy-efficient, easy to use and above all - secure.

PlexiDor electronic dog doors are operated by an RFID collar key that requires no batteries, is water-tight, and is highly secure with its 1000s of programmable key codes.

A PlexiDor RFID Doggie Door will keep unwanted animals like raccoons, skunks, and opossums out of your house and is even secure enough to prevent burglars from entering your home through the pet door. It is safe for pets and children as it will not close if obstructed.

RFID doggie doors are far superior to all other types of electronic pet doors - bar none. In fact, some electronic dog doors that DO NOT use RFID technology will actually open and close unintentionally when running a household appliance like a washer or dryer!

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Plexidor Electronic RFID Pet Door - Door Mount
(Item #: PDEDOOR)
Plexidor Electronic Pet Door - 12 3/4 x 20 Wall Mount
(Item #: PDEWALL)
Plexidor Collar Key
Plexidor Electronic RFID Pet Door - Door Mount
Your Price: $1,821.00
Plexidor Electronic Pet Door - 12 3/4 x 20 Wall Mount
Your Price: $1,933.00
Plexidor Collar Key
Your Price: $53.99

The Plexidor electronic dog door works like a garage door.  When your pet approaches, the Plexidor electronic mechanism reads the code on your pet's collar and unlocks and slides the RFID pet door up.  The door will open only for your pet. 

Safe and Secure:  The Plexidor Electronic Dog Door is the only RFID pet door on the market today.  Not only does this RFID dog door keep unwanted critters out, but it is also one of the most secure dog doors on the market.  You have thousands of key codes to choose from when programming your dog's collar key and it comes with a tough panel that is shatter resistant.  Additionally, use the interior stainless steel locking bar when you are away or to keep your home safe and secure at night.   The RFID technology will not interfere with your home's security system. While Plexidor electronic dog door prices are high, the people who buy them feel they are well worth it for the peace of mind. If security is a concern for you, either to keep small children from crawling out, or unwanted critters or people crawling in, you want a Plexidor electronic dog door.

The door plugs into a household outlet or can be hard wired.  This electronic dog door is fail safe and will not close when an object is in its way.  This means no pinched tails or fingers to worry about.  Additionally the door will not free fall if there is a power failure.

Each door comes complete with the RFID pet door, aluminum frame with thick acrylic closing panel, stainless steel hardware, two programmable collar keys and a power supply with fifteen foot cord.  The wall units also are equipped with aluminum tunnel pieces and stainless steel mounting hardware. 

This RFID pet door is only available in one size.  But don't worry, unlike other manual pet doors, this door can not be too big for your pet, since he or she doesn't have to manually push the door open.  So it can even be used with small cats, as long as your cat is comfortable wearing the collar key.  If you have a very large dog, you should measure to make sure that this dog door isn't too small though.

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