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Products for Senior Dogs

Products for Senior Dogs Products for senior dogs with joint pain or arthritis to improve quality of life.

Pet ramps are useful aids to help senior dogs with arthritis or with joint pain get in and out of vehicles. To help dogs get up and down from their favorite chair or bed, pet stairs are commonly used.

Another very popular product line for senior dogs is therapeutic heated dog beds. Many of our heated dog beds contain orthopedic foam which helps relieve pressure points when a dog is at rest.

These products can also benefit younger dogs to help avoid injury and joint health issues.

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Pet Steps & Pet Ramps
Products for Senior Dogs
Pet steps and ramps make life easier for ailing or aging dogs and cats.
Orthopedic Pet Beds
Products for Senior Dogs
Orthopedic pet beds offer much better support and are enjoyed by healthy pets, too, not just older pets.
Elevated Dog Bowls
Products for Senior Dogs
Stylish elevated dog bowls that are truly functional and elegant! Many models in stainless steel.
Pet Strollers
Products for Senior Dogs
A pet stroller makes taking your cat or dog for long walks easy and fun for both of you.
Indoor Pet Potties & Pet Waste Cleanup
Products for Senior Dogs
Litter box products, indoor potties, and other pet waste disposal products. Make cleaning up after your pet quick and easy!

Solvit CareLift Full Body Lifting Harness
Solvit CareLift Rear Only Lifting Harness
Solvit CareLift Full Body Lifting Harness
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Solvit CareLift Rear Only Lifting Harness
Your Price: $34.99

Dogs live longer these days than ever before, and along with that comes an increase in senior dogs with arthritis, joint pain and other age-related ailments.

When dogs age it is natural for them to experience more aches and pains. In this respect, senior dogs deal with health issues that are not unlike some of those experienced by people as they enter their golden years. If your senior dog is experiencing discomfort you will see the signs. A limping dog could be a sign of injury or of an age-related malady. We carry a variety of products that can be beneficial to senior dogs with joint pain, a common condition in many medium to large size dog breeds.

A dog lifting harness is valuable if your pet has problems walking and getting around. You can use this tool to help lift them and take weight off their legs while walking. Choose from a full body lifting harness or rear-only model. Look at a pet stroller if further assistance is required. A dog that can no longer walk without assistance will relish a stroller ride to feel the sun on their face and the wind in their fur. More athletic? There are even pet strollers for joggers. And check out the products for your bicycle including pet baskets and trailers.

If your dog has been accustomed to sitting on your furniture or sleeping on your bed, it's probably time to look into buying some pet stairs. The effort to jump up onto furniture becomes increasingly difficult as your pet ages. In addition, the stress to your pet's joints when jumping down can also create or exacerbate problems. Foam pet steps and ramps are recommended because they are low impact, but any type of pet step is much better than not having any. We also carry pet furniture covers to help protect your sofa, chair, or love seat. If looking for assisted access into your car, truck, or SUV, you'll want to consider a pet ramp. They are portable and can tuck away in your vehicle.

Heated and orthopedic pet beds are great way to help relieve pressure points while your pet is at rest. These are a significant upgrade from a traditional pillow bed. We carry a wide variety of sizes and styles of beds.

A less obvious product to consider is an elevated dog bowl. An elevated pet feeder can provide relief to senior dogs by eliminating the need for them to stoop all the way down to floor level to eat or drink. If a dog has arthritis or joint pain, stooping so low can be a painful burden. Raised dog bowls can be an instant source of relief making it easier to eat and drink without stooping.

If your pet has limited access to go outdoors, an indoor dog potty may be of interest. Although originally designed for boaters that liked to bring their dogs with them, these items have become very popular with urban residents and for people that need to leave their pet unattended for long periods of time.

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