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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Pet Steps & Pet Ramps > Pet Steps for Beds - Shop by Height

Pet Steps for Beds - Shop by Height

Pet Steps for Beds - Shop by Height Pet steps for beds are generally more stable than dog ramps for beds.

Doggie steps for beds will help your pet safely get up onto a favorite bed or chair. Dog stairs for beds can also be very helpful coming down from high spots, especially if you have slippery wood floors. A dog’s toenails can be like wearing ice skates on a wood floor.

We carry many sizes and styles including foam pet steps and carpeted pet stairs for beds. Most models offer a nice variety of colors from which to choose.

Also see foam dog ramps for beds

See our valuable Info section for these products!

Browse Pet Steps for Beds - Shop by Height
Pet Steps for Beds 11-20 Inches High
Pet Steps for Beds - Shop by Height
Give your dog or cat a leg up with our cat and doggie steps for beds 11-20" high
Pet Steps for Beds 21-29 Inches High
Pet Steps for Beds - Shop by Height
Check out our pet steps for beds that are 21-29" high
Pet Steps for Beds 30-41 Inches High
Pet Steps for Beds - Shop by Height
These doggy steps for beds and couches range in height from 30-41" high.


You'll find doggie stairs for beds that have as few as two steps and others that have as many as eight steps. So no matter how high your bed is we have a set of dog steps that will help your little dog get up on it without any trouble. We offer carpeted pet steps as well as pet stairs with a soft, luxurious Sherpa cover. With so many options you are sure to find one that is the perfect height for your pet's needs.

And what is the perfect height for a set of dog stairs for beds? That depends on the height of the bed (or couch, etc.) and the health of your dog. If a healthy pet needs steps to get up on a bed most manufacturers recommend that you choose a set of pet stairs that IS NOT equal in height to the bed.

Instead, choose a set that is at least 1 step height below the bed. However, if a pet is injured or handicapped, then a set of steps that are flush with the height of the bed would be more appropriate. In fact, you may even want to look into our pet ramps for beds instead of dog stairs if your pet experiences discomfort climbing up or down stairs.

While shopping you'll discover that some models of pet steps for beds are wider than others. Wider dog stairs for beds can be easier to use for larger dogs or timid dogs. Either way, note the height of each step to be sure they aren't too high for your dog. Especially if you are shopping for pet steps for small dogs.

For example, if you have a dachshund, an 8 inch step would be much too high for his or her little legs. America's Pet Store carries products with a wide range of step heights so you should have no trouble finding a set of pet steps for beds that are just the right size.

Most carpeted pet steps for beds are made with plywood covered with plush yet durable commercial-quality carpeting. We've also included foam pet steps covered in soft, luxurious Sherpa. Even though they are not covered in carpet, they are still great for beds. Our Sherpa-covered pet steps for beds are made of low-impact, high-density polyurethane foam. Low-impact foam is lightweight, easy on pets' joints, and they are lightweight and easy to move from place to place. However, neither foam pet steps or foam pet ramps are recommended for aggressive dogs or dogs that chew.

If you are looking for dog ramps for beds, carries a large selection. Please check out the Scamp Ramp lineup for a foam dog ramp or our made in the USA wooden dog ramps for beds. Each of these wooden indoor dog ramps is made from birch plywood and stained in a color of your choice, ranging from a clear polyurethane coat to a dark mahogany stain. Pet ramps for beds also come in models that are easier to store such as telescoping dog ramps or folding pet steps and ramps. We have many sizes in our folding aluminum dog ramps section.

Today's modern advances in healthy pet foods and veterinary care means our pets are living longer. To help protect pets from age-related joint health issues, it's a good idea to reduce or eliminate activities that put undue stress on bones and joints. Pet ramps or pet steps for beds (or for any other high spot) is one way to help prevent, delay or minimize the aches and pains that often come with aging.

In addition to pet ramps and pet steps for beds we also carry other affordable pet steps including collapsible pet steps, designer pet steps and outdoor pet steps and ramps. These portable pet steps and ramps are designed to be easy to stow.

If you are shopping exclusively for ramps or pet steps for SUVs we recommend checking out the portable models or our popular hitch-mounted pet steps for SUVs and pickup trucks. We carry the PortablePet Twistep and the Otto Step SUV step. And if you are a boating enthusiast or enjoy other recreation by the pool or lake check out our ramps and pet steps for water including the Paws Aboard Dog Boat Ladder. If you own a boat and a dog, you owe it to yourself to check out this high quality dog boat ladder

If you have any questions about carpeted pet steps for beds or any other style of dog stairs, please contact us at or call us toll-free at 1-800-870-1941 Mon.-Fri., 8:30-4:30 EST.

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