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Skamper-Ramp - Dog Water Ramp

Skamper-Ramp - Dog Water Ramp

Skamper Ramp SKR4

See the Skamper-Ramp for pools in action! Watch the video near the bottom of this page.

The SKR4 Skamper-Ramp Dog Water Escape Ramp is constructed of blow molded polyethylene, making it appropriate for regular/everyday frequent use as well emergency escape by smaller to mid-sized animals.

This passive water safety device, designed to help animals get out of the water more easily than they can do so on their own, features a strong, high-quality design and provides a safe, less stressful way for any size pet to exit a pool or walled pond on a daily basis, rather than just emergency use.

The SKR4 Skamper Ramp is created for frequent everyday use as a means of getting in or out of the water not just escape. There isn't a weight restriction, but it doesn't have the extra length the Skamper Ramp SKR3 does to accommodate animals with longer strides.

Skamper Ramp Dog Water Ramp - SKR4 Dimensions:

  • Will support small to mid-sized animal up to 45 lbs
  • Assembled: 25" Length x 13" Width x 6.5" Depth

How the Skamper-Ramp Pet Water Escape Ramp SKR4 Works:

  • Fully assembled and lightweight
  • 25" length and 6.5" depth provides more surface area to brace against the vertical wall of the pool or pond
  • SKR4 ramp is now suitable for frequent use, not just as an emergency escape ramp
  • Increased strength and rigidity and smooth edges, making them ideal even for all permanent vinyl lined and poured pools
  • Protects pets and other critters from drowning by allowing them to get out of the water on their own
  • Ramp is recyclable, chemical and UV resistant helping to prevent discoloration, mildew or algae buildup, as well as being cost effective
  • Entirely white in color - the one color all living things can see
  • Anchoring methods: drill holes into deck and attach with included hardware or if you prefer not to drill holes into your deck, you may use existing tie downs. There is no one right way to install a Skamper-Ramp, however 2 criteria are critical:
    • A few inches of the round "nose" end need to be submerged so that the white ramp breaks the water surface and the animal can see the ramp leading out while swimming, even in stress AND
    • The open-box end of the ramp needs to be as snug as possible against a "rigid" flat, vertical wall so that when a critter or pet gets on the "nose" end of the Skamper Ramp has something to brace against. It is the open-box end that provides rigidity and robustness, especially when braced against a vertical element - that's what makes it work.
  • The most important point about the installation is to have the Skamper-Ramp as snug to the pool wall as possible, while still having a few inches of the "nose" end of the ramp submerged. To accomplish that there is a separate set of holes for (re)threading the connection rope (below the Skamper-Ramp logo) if need be. This will help if it seems that the ramp wobbles too much, or if there is an overhang or deep coping.
  • Multiple Award-winning device for frequent and/or emergency use
  • 100% Made in the U.S.A.

Skamper-Ramp SKR4

Construction materials used to make the Skamper-Ramp Pet Water Escape Ramp SKR4:

  • Blow molded white chemical, solar resistant, recyclable polyethylene
  • Ramps come complete with rope, stainless steel D-ring clips and nylon washers for the ramp.

Additional Features of the Skamper-Ramp Pet Water Escape Ramp SKR4:

  • Ramp carries a 1-Year Warranty against product manufacturer defect (this does not include problems due to improper installation).
  • Endorsed by veterinarians across the United States
  • Approved by the American Pet Association, receiving their "Seal of Approval" as a humane, safety device that makes life easier for pets and their owners.

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