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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Bark Collars > Small Dog Bark Collar

Small Dog Bark Collar

A bark collar for small dogs is a good training tool to help stop dog barking at inappropriate times.

What is the best bark collar for small dogs? Only you can determine the answer because there are so many different types to choose from. The best one is the one with features that are perfect for you and your little dog.

We carry several different brands and types of small dog bark collar products designed to stop dog barking including: electronic bark collars; citronella bark collars; and tone-only ultrasonic and sonic bark collars that use sound in an annoying frequency (to dogs) instead of shock. Most ultrasonic tones are not audible to people but sonic tones can be heard with the human ear.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

DT Systems Ultra Min-E 2090 No-Bark Collar
(Item #: Ultra-e-2090)
Eyenimal Nano Small Dog Bark Collar
(Item #: NanoBark)
PetSafe Big Dog Anti-Bark Spray Collar
(Item #: PBC00-12724)
PetSafe Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar
(Item #: PBC00-11283)
DT Systems Ultra Min-E 2090 No-Bark Collar
Your Price: $55.00
Eyenimal Nano Small Dog Bark Collar
Your Price: $89.00
PetSafe Big Dog Anti-Bark Spray Collar
Your Price: $109.99
PetSafe Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar
Your Price: $77.99
PetSafe PDBC-300 Deluxe Bark Control Collar
(Item #: PDBC-300)
PetSafe Standard Bark Collar
(Item #: PBC-102)
Innotek Citronella Anti-Bark Collar
(Item #: MV11122)
PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Control
(Item #: PBC00-12726)
PetSafe PDBC-300 Deluxe Bark Control Collar
Your Price: $84.99
PetSafe Standard Bark Collar
Your Price: $45.99
Innotek Citronella Anti-Bark Collar
Your Price: $52.99
PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Control
Your Price: $109.99
Innotek Spray Commander
(Item #: MV16008AM)
Innotek Spray Commander
Your Price: $149.99

If you need to stop dog barking in the middle of the night to keep peace with your neighbors you should check out one of our bark collars for little dogs. Nuisance barking can be an issue with dogs of all sizes, not just with big dogs. Makers of bark control products realize this and as a result many include small dog bark collar products in their line-up.

Design considerations for small dog bark collar models often include a smaller, lightweight receiver (generally 2 ounces or less) than is usually found on no-bark collars for larger dogs. A receiver that is too heavy could look or feel awkward and weigh your dog down.

The collar strap on a small dog bark collar is designed to adjust to fit smaller necks. Even so, it's likely you will have to trim off some excess, especially if you need an extra small bark collar (for a toy breed for example). The trend these days is to make adjustable collar straps that are one-size-fits-all.

In general, the most common style of dog bark collar products on the market are those that deliver static shock corrections and this is true for small dog bark collar models as well. In addition to a lightweight receiver and adjustable collar strap, some (but not all) small dog bark collar brands are specifically designed to deliver lower-intensity correction levels, yet still adequate to stop dog barking.

Other bark collars, such as the PetSafe bark collar for little dogs, have progressive static correction levels which many people favor. Each brand has a proprietary name for progressive correction, but the method and theory are pretty much the same. In the case of the PetSafe Deluxe Bark Collar for little dogs it is called "Temperament Learning System". This small dog bark collar will deliver the lowest correction when a dog first begins to bark. If the dog continues to bark the collar will deliver the next highest correction, and so on until a dog stops barking.

A small dog bark collar with progressive correction basically allows the dog to determine the level of correction needed to stop dog barking which takes the pressure off of you to try to figure out what may be too strong or not strong enough. A lot of people like this feature, however there is one possible drawback with the above-mentioned PetSafe model. It is not a rechargeable bark collar and the trend with battery-operated electronics of all types seems to be that people prefer rechargeable batteries.

Before purchasing a small dog bark collar be sure to read about the intensity of the corrections and the manufacturers recommendations for minimum weight and age of your dog, as well as temperament. Keep in mind that no brand of small dog bark collar is recommended for aggressive dogs, even if a dog happens to be small. While it is true that some models are designed for headstrong or stubborn dogs, this is not the same as an aggressive dog. If you have an aggressive dog please consult a professional trainer.

We also carry SportDOG bark collars, and many other brands of bark collars for small dogs including the popular Yapper Stopper Dogtra YS300.

If you'd rather have a small dog bark collar that does not utilize static shock see our Citronella and Citrus Spray Bark Collar section and/or our Ultrasonic bark control products.

If you would like assistance in comparing small dog bark collar brands, features or styles please contact our Customer Service department.

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