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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Shock Collars > Shock Collars for Small Dogs

Shock Collars for Small Dogs

Shock Collars for Small Dogs Shock collars with a remote control for small dogs and toy breeds are great training tools.

Looking for a shock collar with remote control capabilities to help train your small dog? Most dog training collar systems are too big and/or too heavy for toy breeds. The shock collars in this section feature the smallest and most lightweight collar receivers available.

Toy breeds: We recommend that you go straight to the Innotek SD-70 Lap Dog Trainer as it has the smallest receiver of all.

A shock collar for your small dog will be an excellent aid in training. When training collars are used as directed you'll get amazing results in a relatively short period of time.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

Innotek SD-70 - Shock Collar for Small Dogs
(Item #: SD-70)
Mini Educator ET-300TS Remote Dog Training Collar
(Item #: ET-300TS)
Mini Educator ET-302TS 2-Dog Remote Trainer
(Item #: ET-302TS)
Innotek SD-70 - Shock Collar for Small Dogs
Your Price: $105.95
Mini Educator ET-300TS Remote Dog Training Collar
Your Price: $179.99
Mini Educator ET-302TS 2-Dog Remote Trainer
Your Price: $289.99

All dogs need training and discipline regardless of size. Shock collars for small dogs, when used properly, will quickly help you train your little dog to be well-behaved. Dogs that are well-trained are generally happier than those who are not trained. That's because they don't get into trouble as much as untrained dogs do. You will also be happier with a well trained dog than you would with an undisciplined one.

The following is some information on various dog training shock collar models and brands.

There is more than one type of shock collar for small dogs. A bark shock collar is for the sole purpose of training your dog to stop barking. Another type is dog training shock collars that are to help eliminate a variety of unwanted behaviors.

If your dog gets in the trash, or jumps up on furniture or people and you'd like to train him or her to stop these behaviors, all you need is a dog shock collar with remote control capabilities. That way when you witness unwanted behavior in your small dog, you just push the correction button on the handheld remote transmitter. When a small dog shock collar is used to make an immediate correction, dogs will associate their behavior with the correction. So it doesn't take long for unwanted behavior to disappear. What's nice about a remote shock collar is that your dog doesn't need to be close to you when you want to correct him.

Shock collars come in various ranges from as little as 200 feet to as much as 500 yards. Be sure to choose a collar that has a range that will suit you and your small dog.

Shock Collars for Toy Breeds
A small dog shock collar is one thing, but what about training collars for a really tiny dog such as a toy breed? America's Pet Store recommends the Innotek SD-70 Small Dog & Toy Breed Training System, also known as the Innotek Lap Dog Trainer. It features a miniature, featherweight collar that weighs just 1.3 ounces.

The Best Price on Shock Collars for Small Dogs
When it comes to shopping online many people search for the lowest possible price. This can be a good shopping strategy, depending on product features vs. what a person needs. However, in the case of small dog shock collar systems, it is not a strategy that will likely provide a satisfactory product. The cheapest small dog shock collar system we carry is one of the PetSafe training collars called the PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Remote Trainer…but we don't recommend it.

Unfortunately, these particular PetSafe shock collars for small dogs seem to have a problem in the technical design resulting in the collar batteries going dead in as few as four or five days! Fortunately, PetSafe has vastly improved the design on their newer models of small dog shock collar systems. In fact, the newer models of PetSafe dog training collars for small dogs are among the most popular, reliable and affordable dog training collars for sale in the U.S. today.

Rechargeable Shock Collars for Small Dogs
One way to avoid the hassle and expense of having to constantly replace dead batteries is to get a small dog shock collar system that runs on rechargeable batteries. The PetSafe Yard and Park Remote Trainer system is completely rechargeable.

Both of these systems cost a bit more than the Deluxe model for Little Dogs, but our experience is that most customers prefer to spend a little more on a small dog shock collar system to have the convenience and reliability of rechargeable batteries. Because you don't have to constantly buy replaceable batteries with rechargeable systems, you will eventually recoup the extra cost of these systems. In our opinion, as well as opinions found in most shock collar reviews is that electric shock collar products that are rechargeable offer the best value.

Both of these small dog shock collar systems feature a 400-yard range, eight levels of correction and they are waterproof (both the collar and the handheld remote transmitter). The main difference is the PetSafe Venture Series Little Dog Remote Trainer can expand to handle a maximum of two dogs with the purchase of an additional receiver collar. The PetSafe Yard and Park Remote Trainer can expand to handle up to three dogs.

When you shop at you get low prices and free ground shipping not just on small dog shock collar systems but on all shock collars for dogs…and everything else, too! We carry Innotek shock collar systems for toy breeds (not to be used as a cat shock collar) and DT Systems shock collar products for medium sized dogs weighing at least 15 pounds.

We also carry many large dog shock collar models, including those in the SportDOG shock collars lineup as well as Dogtra collars. is an Authorized Online Retailer for the most well-known and trusted brands of shock collars for small dogs including Innotek, PetSafe, DogTek, Dogtra, TriTronics, SportDOG, PetPal, DT Systems and Unleashed Technologies. Unleashed Technologies is known for features that work very well with the training of deaf dogs.

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