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A small pet door can offer huge benefits for both you and your dog.

America's Pet Store carries a wide range of small pet doors in various styles and price ranges. Whether you are looking for small pet doors to install through a door or wall, in your sliding glass doors or a sash window, you'll find what you are looking for right here. And remember, prices shown on all of our small pet doors include free ground shipping.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

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Small Pet Doors Door-Mounted Models
Huge selection of door mounted pet doors for small dogs or cats. All styles and price ranges.
Small Pet Doors for Walls
Small pet doors for walls are suitable for most cats and small breed or toy breed dogs.
Small Electronic Pet Doors
These are the smallest electronic doors we offer; electronic doors are the most secure pet doors on the market!
Small Window Pet Door Models
Small window pet door models are perfect for just about any size cat and some small dogs.
Small Dog Doors For Sliding Glass Doors
You can install a small dog door for sliding glass doors in minutes - many require no tools at all!
Small Pet Doors for Screens
Top quality cat doors for screens by Hale Pet Doors, Ideal Pet Products and PetSafe.

When it comes to small pet doors just how small is small? Unfortunately, there are no standard measurements in the pet door industry. So a dog door labeled as a small pet door by one manufacturer could equal the size of a medium pet door by a different manufacturer. That is why it's important to note the actual size of the flap on small pet doors and compare with the actual size of your dog or cat.

Even though you own a small pet, it doesn't necessarily mean you should purchase the smallest of small pet doors you can find. Depending on where it is to be installed, you may be better off going one size up instead of choosing the smallest sized pet door.

For example, small pet doors that are designed to install in screen doors mount onto the bottom of a screen door frame. This makes the bottom of the pet door opening only about 2 inches off the floor. If the total height of the pet door is only 6 inches, your pet is probably going to have to stoop pretty low to get through. A young, spry dog or cat will probably have no trouble…but all that stooping can take a toll.

The bottom line is that the small pet doors in our lineup are very durable and can last for many years. So it's a good idea to think ahead several years accounting for age-related joint health issues in pets. In the long run your pet will be happier and so will you.

Once you determine the correct size pet door you'll then want to consider the various styles and mounting options available in small pet doors.

Window pet door models are usually small pet doors and are generally used as cat window doors, but not always. Some people who own dogs, even big dogs, simply do not have any other option other than to install a pet door through one of their windows. And if the window is high off the ground they may need to incorporate a pet ramp so the dog can exit the pet door and safely get to ground level.

The good news for people with big dogs is there are a few brands that make large window insert pet doors. Hale pet door offers the most options by far with window pet doors in 11 different sizes each for horizontal windows and vertical sash windows. That's a lot of options! Hale didn't stop at the usual small, medium and large pet door sizes. They even go way beyond XL pet door models with their Giant size that measures 15 1/2 x 27 1/2.

If you have a very tall slender dog, or a very short and stout dog, or any other "off-size" dog, Hale Pet Doors are the way to go. They have left no dog size behind, that's for sure.

Other window pet door brands we carry, but not nearly in as many sizes as Hale, are Patio Pacific pet door and Ideal Pet Door brands. The Patio Pacific models come standard with the same award-winning flap that is on all of their Endura Flap Dog Door models.

We also carry small pet doors for screens. Once again Hale Pet Door shines above other brands in that they offer 11 different sizes and also because they are designed to be sturdier than some other pet doors in screens. Some other brands are designed to attach to the screen mesh, which is not very sturdy. Hale pet doors for screens attach to the screen frame itself making it much more durable. If you have a large dog and want to install a doggy door through a screen door, we would recommend that you limit yourself to Hale doors for screens.

If energy efficiency is a concern then you are lucky to start out with a small dog that only requires a small pet door. There's no getting around the fact that when a dog uses a pet door you will lose heat or air-conditioning each time it opens. So the bigger the pet door the bigger the loss. An energy-efficient pet door is one that is designed to minimize or eliminate air leaks and drafts when the door is not in use. They usually cost a bit more but the additional cost is recouped fairly quickly with the home energy you will save.

If you live in an area that experiences very high winds you might want to check out a small electronic pet door. These collar activated dog doors are essentially windproof because they are locked and will only open when they receive a signal from a collar key worn on your dog or cat. As an added bonus an automatic pet door will also prevent unauthorized animals from entering your home.

You'll find well-known trusted brands to choose from at America's Pet Store including High Tech Pet - Power Pet Doors, Plexidor pet door and PetSafe pet door brands.

Another great option in small pet doors is patio pet door models. Because a pet door for patio doors is pre-installed in full-size panels that sit in the tracks of sliding doors, your sliding doors will not open as wide after installation. So a small pet door for sliding glass doors will have a narrower panel. A narrower panel will allow your sliding door to open a bit wider than it could if you had a larger, wider pet door for sliders.

You can find a patio doggie door at America's Pet Store to fit just about any budget. We also carry brands that are designed to fit vinyl patio doors such as patio doors made by Pella or Andersen. If you need a small dog door for vinyl patio doors please see:

Ideal VIP Vinyl Patio Dog Doors

Hale Pet Door - Omni Patio Pet Door Models

We hope this information will be helpful to you as you research small pet doors. We offer more pet doors for dogs and pet doors for cats than any other online retailer. With such an extensive lineup we are confident we have the perfect small pet door solution for just about any situation no matter how challenging. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about installing a small pet door for walls or any other style of doggy door.

In addition to the companies already mentioned that make small pet doors, we also carry: DogWalk pet door, Freedom Pet Pass, and Staywell pet door brands. Please note that we no longer carry storm doors with pet doors in any size.

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