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Solo Electronic Pet Door - Wall Mount

Solo Electronic Pet Door - Wall Mount

SOLO Electronic Pet Door for Installation through Walls

There are only a handful of manufacturers that make motorized automatic pet doors (collar activated). The following are features that make Solo Pet Doors stand out:

  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

  • Rugged, aluminum frame, NOT plastic

  • The collar "key" is a simple magnet. Simple = Reliable

    Magnets don't malfunction...period. Other electronic pet doors use ultra sonic collar sensors that certainly can malfunction, especially when they get wet. Magnets can get wet and will still work perfectly. And, if a magnet key gets lost, it is easy and inexpensive to replace.

Solo Dog Door

Solo Pet Door - Wall-Mount Specifications:

8" W x 10" H
12" W x 24" H
10" W x 12" H
14" W x 29" H
10" W x 15" H
14" W x 35" H
14" W x 15" H
18" W x 34 1/2" H
12" W x 18" H
16" W x 40" H
14" W x 20" H
18" W x 44" H
12" W x 24" H
16" W x 52 1/2" H
14" W x 26" H
18" W x 56 1/2" H
14" W x 30" H
18" W x 64 1/2" H
14" W x 36" H
18" W x 76" H

  • Overall thickness of entire unit: 1 1/2"

  • Wall mount models may require a tunnel/wall kit. Measure the distance from the inside wall to the outside siding or stucco.

      • If your wall is less than 6" thick, no tunnel is required.

      • If your wall is between 6" - 8", order a 2" tunnel.

      • If your wall is greater than 8", order a 4" tunnel.

  • Construction materials: sturdy anodized aluminum frame; sliding pet door is nearly indestructible lexan

  • Color: the frame is a textured off-white color and the pet door itself is tinted light gray

  • Solo magnetic collar sensor tags come in three sizes. Each comes with clips that make it easy to attach to your pets existing collar.
    • The small tag is designed for small dog and cats under 15 lbs. It is about half the size of a sugar cube.
    • The medium is for dogs and cats between 15 - 50 lbs. It is about the size of a sugar cube.
    • The large tag is for dogs over 50 lbs. It is as round as a quarter and about 1/2" thick.
Solo Sensor Collar Tags

Solo Pet Door - Door Mount Model Features:

  • Fully Automatic
    A motorized Solo Pet Door opens and closes for your pet automatically when it detects the magnetic sensor "key" tag attached to your pet's collar.
  • Helps to Keep Indoor Pets Inside
    Keeps indoor pets safely inside if desired. As your "outdoor" pet becomes familiar with the Solo door it will require less time to navigate the opening. At that time you can adjust the sensitivity to just a foot and adjust the time the door stays open to just a couple of seconds. This will decrease the risk of other pets escaping.

  • Feel Safe & Secure
    SOLO doors are locked in the closed position for added security and can be connected to your home security system

  • Keep Unwanted Intruders Outside
    Only your pet can activate the door. Strays, raccoons, possums and other unwanted visitors are left out in the cold. For extra large sized models, we recommend adding the Solo Intruder Alarm due to increased possibility of entry.

  • Why Deal with Leaky Flaps that Need to be Replaced?
    Forget those clunky, flap pet doors. The Solo's grooved, sliding pet door provides excellent weather protection not offered by pet doors with flaps. Solo Pet Doors eliminate drafts which prevents air conditioning and heat loss. Even a hurricane force wind cannot blow the door open, guaranteed.

How Does It Work?
The vertically sliding motorized door is electronically activated by a small sensor on your pet's collar. The door can be adjusted by you to be activated from 0 to 5 feet away and can remain open from 1 to 5 seconds.

Quality Manufacturing
The sliding pet door entrance is made of lexan and framed in sturdy, anodized aluminum.

Power Supply
All Solo Pet Doors operate on 115 volts AC, 60Hz power. A hard-wired "pigtail" comes with each wall mount model door. (can be operated on 230V, 59Hz using step-down transformer). If you desire a standard power cord that plugs directly into an electrical outlet, it can be ordered instead but is not recommended. Please contact customer service for assistance.

On/Off Switch
You can use the on/off switch if you want the door to remain closed and keep your pets inside.

Optional Intruder Alarm
The intruder alarm is a factory installed option which activates an alarm when the door is held open for a longer than programmed amount of time. Automatic shut-off after 60 seconds, and automatic reset feature for absentee homeowner. It is highly recommended for extra-large models. NOTE: The Solo Intruder Alarm will not work with model 1008 Solo Pet Doors.

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Price Protection Plan

Item Options
Choose Pet Door Size:

Choose Wall Tunnel:
None (Wall < 6" thick)
2" Tunnel (Wall 6" - 8" thick) - For Models 1008, 1210, 1510, 1514, 1812 (An additional $36.50)
2" Tunnel (Wall 6" - 8" thick) - For Models 2412, 2014, 2614, 3014, 3614 (An additional $65.50)
4" Tunnel (Wall > 8" thick) - For Models 1008, 1210, 1510, 1514, 1812 (An additional $50.00)
4" Tunnel (Wall > 8" thick) - For Models 2412, 2014, 2614, 3014, 3614 (An additional $75.50)

One collar tag is included - Choose Size:
Small - Cats & Dogs Under 15 Pounds
Medium - pets 15 - 50 pounds
Large - Pets Over 50 Pounds

Add Extra Collar Tags (SMALL):

Add Extra Collar Tags (MEDIUM):

Add Extra Collar Tags (LARGE):

Option: Add Solo Intruder Alarm (An additional $76.50)

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Return Policy: You may return your Solo Pet Door within 30 days of the purchase date for a full refund (less 15% restocking and original shipping/handling fees), provided that the pet door has never been installed and is in perfect condition.
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