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Home > Pet Products by Brand > SportDOG Training Products

SportDOG Training Products

The display of this Authorized Retailer Logo indicates that this independent merchant has been recognized by Radio Systems Corporation (RSC) as an Authorized Retailer of RSC retail products.  Authorized Retailers are not agents of RSC or otherwise affiliated with RSC.  If you purchase RSC product(s) via the internet from anyone not displaying this Authorized Retailer Logo, RSC will have the right to declare all of its warranties applicable to those product(s) null and void. We carry the full selection of SportDOG Collars, Fence Systems, Bark Collars & accessories.

Walk through the halls at SportDOG headquarters in Knoxville and you can tell right away that the people working there are outdoorsmen, too. That means they know first-hand what a hunter needs and expects from dog training equipment. And they deliver.

In addition to the well-earned SportDOG reputation for making seriously tough equipment offering the best value for your dollar, SportDOG is a big supporter of national, local and grassroots agencies that conserve wild game populations and critical habitat that wildlife depends on.

And that's why America's Pet Store is proud to be an Authorized Online Retailer for SportDOG Collar and Transmitter Systems.

See our valuable Info section for these products!

Browse SportDOG Training Products
SportDOG Bark Collars
SportDOG Training Products
SportDOG bark collars are the easiest-to-use bark collars ever invented. Just turn the battery to the "on" position and put it on your dog. Quick and easy.
Electric SportDOG Fence Systems
SportDOG Training Products
Got a big yard? The electric SportDOG Fence system has coverage from 1,000 feet to 100 acres!
SportDOG Training Collars for 1 - 3 Dogs
SportDOG Training Products
SportDOG training collars are designed for hunters and harsh outdoor conditions. Most systems can expand up to 3 dogs.
SportDOG Beeper Collars
SportDOG Training Products
Adding a SportDog beeper collar to your remote trainer will help you locate your dog when he's out of sight.
SportDog TEK GPS Dog Tracker & e-Collar
SportDOG Training Products
The TEK 1.0 SportDog GPS tracker and e-collar allows you to track AND control up to 12 dogs - all in one system!
SportDOG Collars / Add-A-Dog & Replacement Collars
SportDOG Training Products
SportDOG replacement collars and Add-A-Dog collars to expand your SportDOG training system.
SportDOG Accessories
SportDOG Training Products
Probes, collar straps, power adapters, replacment transmitters, and other accessories for SportDOG products.
SportDOG Bird Launcher System
SportDOG Training Products
The SportDOG Brand® Launcher system lets you remotely control the launch of birds or training dummies from up to 1/2-mile away.
SportDOG Batteries
SportDOG Training Products
SportDOG batteries last a long time, but not forever. We have SportDOG SD-400 rechargeable batteries and others for collars and transmitters.

SportDOG Collar Receiver/Transmitter Systems are made for:

  • Dog Training (hunting dog collars & training collars for family pets)
  • In-Ground Fences
  • Bark Control

Testing…1, 2, 3

SportDOG's promise: "We will deliver gear the way you'd design it."®

Whether you own a SportDOG dog training, bark control or in-ground fence system you can be sure that the model/type you own was put to the test before ever being approved for production.

Prototypes go through hundreds of hours of field-testing in realistic, punishing conditions: extreme cold, heat, rain, snow, mud, dust and wind. Design improvements are incorporated based on the prototype's performance and then it's back to the field for more rigorous testing.

To the folks who work at SportDOG these field sessions are just another day at the office. (Sounds like a great place to work, right?) It's the way they've operated since arriving on the scene in 2003 and clearly it's working for them. Today SportDOG shock collar, SportDOG bark collar and SportDOG training collars are the most recognized brand of electronic dog training collar systems.

The following is some information on a few of their most popular dog training products. (We also carry accessories such as SportDOG replacement prongs, batteries, collars and more.)

SportDOG Yard Trainer Collars
As their name suggests, SportDOG specializes in designing various models of dog training collars for sport hunters. But they also make a couple of trainers made specifically for training your dog around the house or yard.

SportDOG 100-Yard Remote Trainer SD-105
The SD-105 SportDOG 100-Yard Trainer is perfect for teaching your dog to stay out of the trash, off the furniture, or to behave when taking a walk. In practically no time at all you will not believe how well-behaved your dog will become. Just be sure to read the training guide and follow directions and you will meet success. If you have a headstrong or stubborn dog, see the model described below.

SportDOG Yard Trainer for Stubborn Dogs SD-105S
If your dog is a bit headstrong and may need firmer persuasion than a timid dog, then the SportDOG SD-105S 100-Yard Remote Trainer for Stubborn Dogs may be your best choice. This SportDOG collar and transmitter also have a range of 100 yards.(Not for dogs that weigh less than 8 pounds.)

SportDOG Collars & Transmitters for Field Training

Most of SportDOG's field-training collars are designed for hunting dogs. This does not mean the collars can't be used with family dogs; they can. But hunting dog collars may have more features than are needed to train a family dog.

Since more features results in a higher-priced system, SportDOG makes a couple of training collar models designed specifically for family pets: the SportDOG 100 Yard Remote Trainer (SD-100) and the SportDOG yard training collar for stubborn dogs SD-105s. (These yard training models replace the discontinued SportDOG PST-100 model.)

SportDOG Field Trainer -- SportDOG SD-425

The SportDOG SD-425 is loaded with technical breakthroughs in the most compact package available in its price range. These palm-of-the-hand sized models have a "soft coat" finish and are a pleasure to handle. The SportDOG SD425 and the SD-425S for stubborn dogs have a 400-yard range and are designed for field training and hunting with close-working dogs.

Both SportDOG fieldtrainer 400 series models have among the most advanced features offered in a mid-range remote training system such as:

  • 400-yard range
  • Can be expanded to control up to 3 dogs (Want to add a dog to your system now? See SportDOG Collars.)
  • Waterproof/submersible receiver collars and transmitters
  • Includes long-life, rechargeable and replaceable NiMH batteries for the collar receiver and the transmitter. (Need replacement batteries now? See SportDOG batteries)

SportDOG SD-1200 Collar

This model has been updated. See the new model # SD-1225 below.

SportDOG SportHunter SD-1225

  • 3/4-mile range
  • Can be expanded to control up to 3 dogs (Want to add a dog to your system now? See SportDOG Collars.)
  • Waterproof receiver collar and transmitter
  • 16 stimulus levels with choice of continuous or nick
  • Includes long-life, rechargeable and replaceable NiMH batteries for both the collar receiver and the transmitter. (See SportDOG rechargeable batteries)

SportDOG HoundHunter SD-3200

  • High power for stubborn dogs
  • 2-mile range
  • Can be expanded to control up to 4 dogs (Want to add a dog to your system now? See SportDOG Collars.)
  • Waterproof / submersible receiver collar and transmitter
  • 8 momentary stimulus levels
  • Includes long-life, rechargeable and replaceable NiMH battery for the collar receiver; transmitter includes replaceable standard 9-volt battery. (See SportDOG rechargeable batteries)

SportDOG Pro Hunter 2525

  • Designed for high-demand users and long-range hunting situations with beagles, hounds and big running pointers.
  • 1-1/2 mile range
  • Can be expanded to control up to 6 dogs (Want to add a dog to your system now? See SportDOG Collars.)
  • Waterproof / submersible receiver collar and transmitter
  • Correction levels: 30 continuous; 20 momentary and a tone-only button.
  • Includes long-life, rechargeable and replaceable NiMH batteries for the collar receiver and the transmitter. (See SportDOG rechargeable batteries)
  • Blaze-orange collar strap

SportDOG Deluxe Bark Control Collar SBC-18

The SportDOG Deluxe Bark Control Collar SBC-18 provides the most reliable bark detection available, virtually eliminating the possibility of your dog receiving a correction that he or she doesn't deserve.

The system delivers a correction via the contact points on the collar only if it detects BOTH vibration from the vocal cords AND the sound of the bark. External noise or another dog's bark will not trigger a correction like it can with other bark collars.

You choose a correction range of low, medium or high. Each range has six correction levels (for a total of 18 correction levels). When your dog first barks it will deliver the lowest correction level. If your dog barks again within 30 seconds it will deliver the next correction level up and so on (to a maximum of six levels). If you dog does not bark again within 30 seconds of the last correction the unit will reset to the lowest correction level in that range.

As a built-in safety feature, if your dog barks 15 or more times in 50 seconds, the unit will automatically shut off for three minutes.

In-Ground SportDOG Fence SDF-100

The In-Ground SportDOG Fence SDF-100 is safe and effective for all dogs over 10 pounds. The system comes standard for one dog and with wire coverage for a 1,000-ft. perimeter.

If you have a lot of land and need more coverage the system can be expanded in 500-ft. increments up to 100 acres with the purchase of a SportDOG Wire and Flags Kit. If you have more than one dog you can purchase add-on collars for each of them, there is no maximum number of dogs you can add. If you are looking for add-on collars for your In-ground SportDOG Fence, please select product code SDF-R.

Installation is fairly simple. Just bury the wire around the perimeter of the area where your dog will be contained and plug in the transmitter. The receiver collar will warn your dog if he or she ventures too close to the perimeter. The collar is waterproof allows for four adjustable levels of correction plus a tone-only and vibrate-only mode. It's important to follow the training instructions included with your In-Ground SportDOG Fence System.

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