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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Pet Steps & Pet Ramps > Telescoping Dog Ramps

Telescoping Dog Ramps

Telescoping Dog Ramps Telescoping Dog Ramps are by far the most popular style of dog ramps because they are heavy-duty, easy to use, easy to store and great for the outdoors.

People seem to prefer a telescoping pet ramp over all others. We carry the most popular telescoping dog ramps from Solvit and Mr. Herzher's Smart Ramp.

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Smart Ramp - 70 Inch Telescoping Pet Ramp
(Item #: MH-16220)
Double Telescoping 72 Inch Dog Ramp
Triple Telescoping 72 inch Dog Ramp
(Item #: TripleTelescope72)
Triple Telescoping 84 inch Dog Ramp
(Item #: TripleTelescope84)
Smart Ramp - 70 Inch Telescoping Pet Ramp
Your Price: $149.99
Double Telescoping 72 Inch Dog Ramp
Your Price: $129.99
Triple Telescoping 72 inch Dog Ramp
Your Price: $159.95
Triple Telescoping 84 inch Dog Ramp
Your Price: $179.95
Solvit Deluxe 87 Inch XL Telescoping Pet Ramp
(Item #: 62320)
Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp
(Item #: 62305)
Solvit Deluxe 87 Inch XL Telescoping Pet Ramp
Your Price: $199.99
Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp
Your Price: $159.99

Telescoping dog ramps are functional dog aids that are great for dogs of all ages.  Use with small pets to help them reach cars or use with large dogs to reach the back of pickup trucks.  Veterinarians encourage the use of a dog ramp beginning at a young age to help prevent hip and joint problems in large dogs.  Telescoping ramps are portable, since they telescope down to a manageable size when not in use.  They are heavy duty dog ramps in that all models can support pets up to 300 pounds.  If you are looking for dog ramps for pickup trucks, telescoping pet ramps will do the trick!  If you are considering a range of dog ramp options for outdoor use, you should also consider folding dog ramps that are easy to store and/or take with you when traveling.

Telescoping dog ramps have changed significantly over the past 5 years.  What was once a very heavy, often smelly ramp is now lightweight and odor free.  In most cases, the commercial indoor / outdoor carpet used as tread has been replaced with non-skid sand paper like material that is found on the top of surf boards.  The materials used to make a telescoping pet ramp have changed from heavy aluminum to a lightweight composite (aluminum and plastic combination) and fiberglass.  So not only have telescoping pet ramps become more lightweight, they have improved in durability and the prices have gone down as well.   Telescoping pet ramps are considered a great option for those looking for extra large dog ramps.

Solvit dog ramps are the most popular brand of telescoping dog ramps on the market today. Solvit makes two different versions of telescoping pet ramps, the standard and most popular, Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp, which replaced the now discontinued Solvit Pet Ramp II; and the Solvit Deluxe XL Pet Ramp, which is a telescoping dog ramp for large dogs and for reaching higher places.  This Solvit dog ramp can extend 17 additional inches when compared to the Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp.  Additionally, the longer ramp for elderly dogs is very beneficial since they might have difficulty walking up a steep incline, or for any dog that might be more skittish about using a ramp.  It is also 3 inches wider for large dogs. Both of the Solvit telescoping dog ramps have the sand-paper like material on the top, ensuring that your dog will get a good grip on the ramp. 

Mr. Herzher's makes the Smart Ramp pet ramps.  The SmartRamp telescoping pet ramp is the same price as the Solvit Deluxe Telescoping dog ramp with similar features.  So what are the differences between the two ramps?  The Smart Ramp has high 5.1" side rails in a greater contrasting color to the ramp floor, making it easier for uneasy dogs to stay on the ramp.  The Solvit Deluxe dog ramp has only 4 inch rails with a less contrasting color ramp floor.  So the Smart Ramp would be the better choice if you are training an older dog that might be more skittish in using the ramp, since the higher rails and greater color contrast will make your dog more likely to trust Smart Ramp pet ramps.  The edges are more rounded on the Smart Ramp, which helps protect your vehicle's surfaces as well as fingers.

However, in most other comparisons, the Solvit Deluxe Telescoping pet ramp wins.  The Solvit ramp weighs 3 pounds less (13 pounds compared to 16 for the Smart Ramp).  The Solvit ramp can support up to a 400 pound pet compared to a 300 pound pet with the Smart Ramp.  The Solvit ramp adjusts from 39 to 72 inches compared to 40 to 70 inches for the Smart Ramp.  They are about the same with at 17 inches each (the Smart Ramp is 0.2 inches wider, but we view that as a negligible difference). 

The third style of telescoping dog ramp available at America's Pet Store are the double and triple telescoping models. The main differentiating characteristic that these ramps have over the other models is the use of the indoor / outdoor carpeting as tread.  We have found that many of the older dogs do prefer to use the carpeted surface because they get a better grip as they walk up or down the ramp.  The flip side is that these ramps do tend to weigh more. Additionally it is important to keep these pet ramps dry so that the carpet doesn't absorb the dog smells or begin to rot.

If you have any questions on how to get your dog to use a ramp, please refer to the article we have posted on bottom of our dog ramps page on how to get your dog to use a ramp.

America's Pet Store is a top retailer for all styles of pet ramps including indoor dog ramps, water ramps such as dog ramps for pools and dog ramps for boats, telescoping ramps and wood dog ramps and steps. We carry all the top brands including PetSTEP, Solvit, Mr. Herzher's Smart Ramp and Pet Gear.

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