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TriTronics Shock Collar Systems

TriTronics Shock Collar Systems TriTronics shock collar training systems are among the most reliable electronic dog collars on the market.

TriTronics, which was acquired by Garmin, creates shock collar training systems that have been relied on by sport hunters since 1968. Whether you need a single dog system, or a system for multiple dogs, you'll find a Tritronics collar here that will suit your needs. We also carry an extensive lineup of TriTronics batteries and accessories.

See our helpful shock collar comparison chart to help you determine what TriTronics shock collar system is right for you.

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Garmin Extra & Replacement Collars
TriTronics Shock Collar Systems
Garmin replacement, dummy, and EXP collars to expand your current system.
Garmin Tri-Tronics Parts & Accessories
TriTronics Shock Collar Systems
Includes Garmin Tri-Tronics accessories such as holsters, cases, antennas, chargers, and more.

TriTronics was acuired by Garmin in 2012, however the technology designed by Tri-Tronics has set the standard for rugged reliability, flexibility and ease of use. Even professional dog trainers and seasoned gundog hunters appreciate a well thought out design that is packed with features yet is still easy to use. Those with less experience will also benefit from how easy it is to operate Garmin TriTronics shock collar systems.

While most dog shock collar systems are designed for remote training, the Delta Sport combines the best of both remote training and a bark collar. The Bark Limiter is a bark shock collar with the sole function of eliminating nuisance barking.

All Garmin TriTronics shock collar systems, whether for training or to stop dog barking, are subject to extensive product testing before ever going to market. That is how Garmin has been able to maintain such a longstanding reputation for unmatched quality.

For professionals, the Garmin PRO 500 model offers maximum flexibility with 18 stimulation levels (18 continuous and 18 "nick" or momentary levels). Such a wide range allows professional trainers to adjust this model to fit any training task at hand as well as the type and personality of most any dog - from mild-mannered to stubborn and headstrong (the latter is common with many hunting dog breeds). The PRO series also has 2 other models that are very similar except they have fewer stimulation levels.

Delta Upland
This model can be expanded to control up to 3 dogs. It is specifically made for upland hunters who want to train bird dogs. It has 6 continuous stimulation levels and 18 momentary levels, plus a tone button. This system has a 1-mile range and comes standard with rechargeable NiMH batteries for the collar receiver and for the transmitter. Rechargeable batteries are easy to find and replace when necessary.

Accessory Beeper
The Accessory Beeper can be turned off or on with any Garmin Upland or G2/G3 TriTronics shock collar transmitter. Or, it can be used without a transmitter but you just wouldn’t be able to turn it on and off remotely. You can still set it up to tell you what your dog is doing. A beeper can be set up to indicate when a dog is hunting, is on point, or is running in a pack with other dogs. The beeper can be remotely activated with the transmitter and can be heard from up to 1/4 mile away.

TriTronics Tracer e-Collar Lights
Tri Tronics tracer lights can be attached to any G2 or G3 TriTronics shock collar and is powered by the same battery that is in the collar. TriTronics e-Collar lights make it much easier to spot your dog after the sun goes down. If you have more than one dog you can select different light colors to help determine which dog is which. You can also program for steady light or a blinking light.

Garmin now owns Tri-Tronics and they have replaced the Tri-Tronics Sport Basic G3 with the Garmin Delta Remote Trainer System. The new Garmin Delta System can be expanded to control up to 3 dogs.
It features a 1/2-mile range with 18 levels of correction. The system comes with one collar but additional receiver collars can be purchased to expand the system up to 3 dogs. Both the collar and the remote are waterproof...and if you drop the remote in water it will float! Nice feature.

Most models, according to manufacturer recommendations, are suitable for any size dog. So whether you are looking for a small dog or a large dog shock collar Garmin Tri-Tronics collars are an option. Just be sure to read and follow the manual. Of course, reading and following the manual is important to do no matter what brand of training collar you use.

In addition to Garmin/TriTronics shock collar systems we carry many other brands from which to choose including DT Systems shock collar products and many others.

For cats see our cat training collars section.

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