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TriTronics All TriTronics dog training collars are designed with a focus on high quality, durability, reliability and ease-of-use. Proudly made in the USA.

Since 1968 Tri-Tronics has pioneered many features in dog training collars that are now industry standards including:
  • Insulated contact points
  • Momentary and continuous stimulation
  • Tone-only commands
  • Multiple-dog systems and field matching
  • One-hand operation of transmitter
  • Quick Chargeô two-hour charge and trickle charge
  • Remote operation of accessories

Whether youíre a pro or a pet owner, Tri-Tronics training collars come in easy-to-use models designed to meet the needs of professional trainers as well as people training their first dog.

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Garmin Tri-Tronics Parts & Accessories
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TriTronics collars have consistently set the standards by which other dog training collars are judged. They are an undisputed leader in the industry and itís their never-ending quest to continually refine and improve their designs that keeps them on top.

All TriTronics training collars undergo many hours of rigorous testing to verify that they meet or exceed the standards that dog trainers have come to expect from them.

There are various models available with a wide range of features. Some models, such as the Tri-Tronics PRO 500 G3 EXP, are specifically designed for professional trainers. The PRO 500 offers 18 continuous and 18 momentary stimulation levels, plus a tone button. This wide range of stimulation levels gives professionals the ultimate in versatility and makes the PRO 500 a great training tool for any dog breed and any type of training - from basic to advanced fieldwork.

The following is information on some of the most popular TriTronics training collars and accessories.

TriTronics Bark Limiter G3
Note: This model replaces the TriTronics Bark Limiter XS which has been discontinued and is no longer available (although it is still supported by TriTronics).

If your dogís barking has become a problem, the TriTronics Bark Limiter G3 is your problem solver. Just read and follow your ownerís manual and you and your neighborhood will soon enjoy peace and quiet once again.

Two unique features on the TriTronics Bark Limiter that get rave reviews from the pros are the Bark Odometerô and the super long-life battery. The Bark Odometerô counts and records the number of times your dog barks and gets a correction. This feature is fantastic because it letís you know how many times your dog barks when you are not at home. If your dog barks a lot you can then adjust intensity as needed.

The other handy feature is the battery-saving "sleep mode". The Bark Limiter is powered by a user-replaceable lithium CR2 battery (included) and because of the "sleep mode" feature it will last for approximately one year in normal use.

Some people also like to add (optional) the TriTronics Bark Limiter XS Dummy Collar. This collar does not deliver corrections, but is the same size and weight as a Bark Limiter Collar (and also the Sport Junior training collar).

Dummy collars are used to allow dogs to get used to the feeling of wearing TriTronics training collars and also help to prevent dogs from becoming "collar-wise". A dog that is collar-wise knows that when the collar is off, he or she can get away with unwanted behaviors without concern for correction.

TriTronics Upland Special G3 EXP
Note: This product replaces the TriTronics Upland G2 EXP which has been discontinued and is no longer available (but is still supported by TriTronics).

The TriTronics Upland Special G3 EXP is expandable up to 3 dogs and is designed for upland hunters and bird-dog trainers. It has a range of 1 mile and features 6 continuous stimulations; 18 momentary stimulations and a beeper/tone button. The system comes with rechargeable and replaceable NiMH batteries for both the transmitter and collar receiver(s).

TriTronics PRO G3 EXP Series
There are three models in this series and they all have the same features except the stimulation levels. Stimulation levels are tailored to meet particular training needs/techniques, as follows:

  • Tri-Tronics PRO 100 -- 18 continuous; 6 momentary
  • Tri-Tronics PRO 200 -- 6 continuous; 18 momentary
  • Tri-Tronics PRO 500 -- 18 continuous; 18 momentary

The PRO Series of training systems is designed to meet the specific demands of professional training techniques, although the PRO 100 is also a good choice for serious amateur trainers. The PRO 500 offers enough continuous and momentary stimulation levels to accommodate any training technique -- it is the top of the line in the PRO series.

All TriTronics PRO training systems have a 1-mile range and are field expandable to three dogs (with the purchase of add-on collars sold separately). The transmitters are designed for easy one-hand use so you donít ever have to take your eyes off your dog to use it.

The TriTronics PRO 100 is designed for trainers who want a lot of options for continuous stimulation training techniques. The TriTronics PRO 200 is for trainers who want a lot of options for momentary stimulation training techniques. And the TriTronics PRO 500 gives trainers the best of all worlds with 18 continuous and 18 momentary stimulation levels.

Tri-Tronics G3 Accessory Beeper
The Tri-Tronics G2 Accessory Beeper tells you when your dog is hunting, is on point, or among multiple dogs running at the same time. The beeper can be remotely activated with any G2 EXP or G3 EXP transmitter and can be heard from up to 1/4 mile away.

This beeper can be used by itself or it can be mounted on your dogís TriTronics receiver collar or on most any brand of electronic collar with a one-inch collar strap. Either way, the beeper sits on top of your dogís neck so there is no extra box riding under the neck.

TriTronics Tracer E-Collar Lights
This optional accessory attaches to any G2 or G3 TriTronics dog training collar receiver and is powered by the receiverís battery. It can be activated remotely with your G2 or G3 transmitter.

Tracer Collar Lights are brilliant LED lights that let you see where your dog is at night from up to a half mile away. You can program the color of the lights to be red, white or blue and also to blink or shine steady. This is especially useful if you need to identify multiple dogs.

Tri-Tronics Sport Basic G3
This easy-to-use ergonomically designed remote trainer is rugged, reliable, lightweight and compact enough to fit in your shirt pocket. It has a 1/2-mile range and features 10 continuous stimulation levels, 10 momentary stimulation levels and an audible buzz. The system is field expandable to three dogs with the purchase of add-on receiver collars sold separately.

The next model up is the Tri-Tronics G3 Sport Combo which has extra versatility allowing you to choose from 3 different modes to suit your training needs. It also has double the stimulation levels: 20 continuous, 20 momentary and an audible tone. Like the Sport Basic, this unit has a 1/2-mile range and is field expandable up to three dogs.

Although some TriTronics training collars have been discontinued and are no longer available, we still carry accessories for most discontinued models such as the TriTronics Sport 50 battery which is also used in Tri-Tronics Multi-Sport systems.

The recommended replacement for the Sport Basic and Sport Combo remote trainers is the new Garmin Delta trainer.

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