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Home > Cat & Dog Products > Bark Control & Collars > Ultrasonic Bark Control

Ultrasonic Bark Control

Ultrasonic bark control products are effective, safe, humane and can stop dog barking without the use of static correction.

Ultrasonic bark control collars are a good alternative to electronic bark collars that can help correct a dog with problem barking. Choose between ultrasonic bark control collars and area bark control products, which are perfect for silencing your neighbor's dogs.

This section also includes sonic bark control products. Unlike ultrasonic tones that are inaudible by most humans, sonic tones are audible by both dogs and humans.

While sonic and ultrasonic bark control products have proven to be effective with mild-mannered dogs, they cannot guarantee results with dogs that are stubborn or headstrong.

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Bark Control Disguised as a Birdhouse
(Item #: PBC00-12788)
PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar
(Item #: PBC00-13925)
DAZER II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent
(Item #: DAZER)
PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Control - PetSafe PBC-1000
(Item #: PBC-1000)
Bark Control Disguised as a Birdhouse
Your Price: $94.99
PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar
Your Price: $44.99
DAZER II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent
Your Price: $32.99
PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Control - PetSafe PBC-1000
Your Price: $44.99
Pro Trainer Plus Handheld Trainer
High Tech Super Hush Puppy Progressive Sonic Bark Collar
(Item #: HITEC-HP-2)
High Tech Hush Puppy Sonic Bark Control Collar
(Item #: HITEC-HP-1)
PetSafe Ultrasonic Dog and Cat Trainer
(Item #: PUPT-100)
Pro Trainer Plus Handheld Trainer
Your Price: $34.99
High Tech Super Hush Puppy Progressive Sonic Bark Collar
Your Price: $49.99
High Tech Hush Puppy Sonic Bark Control Collar
Your Price: $39.99
PetSafe Ultrasonic Dog and Cat Trainer
Your Price: $44.99
PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control
(Item #: PBC00-11216)
PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control
Your Price: $74.99

High Tech Pet makes multiple bark collars that use sound instead of shock to teach your dog to stop barking.  High Tech does not call their products ultrasonic bark collars, but instead just sonic bark collars, since they do not use ultra high pitches in their products.  Through extensive knowledge in electronic pet products and cooperation with veterinarians, High Tech has determined that your dog is more likely to be trained to not bark with louder sonic noises than with softer ultrasonic pitches.

High Tech has two different technology options to choose from 1) their basic sonic bark collar, the High Tech Hush Puppy, is best for the most timid and easy to train dogs.  In direct response to each time your dog barks, the High Tech bark collar emits a soft audible tone.  After a few days, you will see that your dog has decreased the amount of nuisance barking; 2) Another High Tech no-shock bark collar features a progressive sonic noise correction. The Super Hush Puppy sonic bark control collar has audible pitches that progressively increase through 4 levels as your dog continues to bark.  Once your dog has stopped barking for 30 seconds, the collar resets to the lowest level. This ultrasonic bark control collar has a voice recognition feature that recognizes your dog's bark so it will not trigger a response to other dog's barking or any other outside noises.   Both the basic Hush Puppy and the Progressive Hush Puppy work well with both small and large dogs. 

Are you looking for ultrasonic bark control products to stop your neighbor's dog from excessive barking?  The most popular product in this category is the PetSafe Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Control PBC00-11216 that is shaped to look like a birdhouse.  So no need to explain to your neighbors what is in your yard.  These ultrasonic bark control products emit a high pitched sound that is audible to dogs that are within a 50 foot diameter of the birdhouse.  It has 3 strength settings.

The PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark collar PUSB-300 is a very lightweight collar (weighing only 1 ounce) that emits a high pitched tone once your dog starts barking.  Like the High Tech sonic bark collars, this PetSafe Bark Collar also recognizes your dog's individual bark, making it less likely that the tones will be emitted erroneously. This ultrasonic bark collar is most effective when used on small dogs.

Unfortunately there are no ultrasonic rechargeable bark collar products that use rechargeable batteries at this time.

Does your dog bark non-stop?  Train him easily and effectively with a dog bark collar.  Select from the top brands including PetSafe and Dogtra Yapper Stopper no bark collars. We have bark control collars for big dogs and small dog bark collar options.  If you do not want to use an electronic bark collar on your dog, you should review our extensive line of ultrasonic bark control and citronella bark collar products.

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