Tips on Choosing the Perfect Size Dog House

When shopping for a dog house there are two important dimensions to consider before making a final purchase: the size of the entrance and the total amount of interior floor space.

1.   Compare the size of the entrance on a dog house to the size of your dog (don’t go by weight).
First you should measure the width of your dog because it is the one measurement that is the most unforgiving. If you purchase a dog house with a door that is not wide enough your dog will not be able to use it. Compare the width of your dog with the width of the dog house door. Ideally, you should add around four inches (two inches on each side) to your dog's width to determine the ideal width of the entrance.

Then measure the height of your dog while he/she is standing on all fours; measure from the ground to the highest point (the withers) of the shoulders. The height of the dog house door should be 3/4" of your dog's height measurement.

2.   Interior floor space: bigger is not necessarily better.
The interior should not be much larger than what is necessary to allow your dog to stand up and turn around. Measure your dog from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. That is the minimum length and width necessary for a dog to be able to turn around while inside the dog house.