Americas Pet Store

Patio Pacific, Inc, has specialized in the sale of pet doors for over 30 years. During that time, they have handled virtually every pet door ever made. While many of these pet doors have been excellent in one respect or another, none has ever combined all the best features into one product.

We think the perfect pet door must:

  • be flexible and safe, no chance of pinching
  • insulate well (comparable to dual pane insulated glass windows)
  • seal tightly in any temperature range and still swing freely
  • resist yellowing
  • have appropriate dimensions (not too square)
  • wear 'forever' (say over 1 million uses by the most active pet)
  • allow for choosing between training (easy to push) and wind resistance (harder to push)
  • be clear
  • be environmentally 'friendly' and, not least of all
  • be finely engineered in the manner of a fine automobile

No Pet Door On The Market Has Ever Met This Standard,
Until Now...