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Guardian Model
PetSafe Equivalent
Collar Strap

Bark Control Collars

 Guardian Anti-Bark Collar GBC11-11004 PBC-302* RFA-67D-11 RFA-48
 Guardian Outdoor Bark Control GBC11-11246 PBC00-11216*    
 Guardian Spray Bark Control GBC11-11279; GSBC-300-11 PBC00-11283* RFA-18 RFA-48
 Guardian Ultrasonic Bark Control GBC-1000-11 PBC-1000* RFA-9V  
 Guardian Ultralight Sonic Bark Collar GUSB-150-11 PUSB-300* RFA-67D-11 RFA-48
 Guardian Spray Bark Refill GSB-164-11 MV11206*, MV11202*    

Indoor Pet Barrier

 Guardian Pet Barrier System GWF11-11336 ZND-1200*   RFA-41
 Guardian Extra Indoor Pet Barrier GWF11-11337 ZND-1000*    
 Guardian Indoor Pet Barrier GIPB-100-17 PIRF-100*    

Pet Containment Systems

 Guardian Underground Fence GIG11-10775, G3003W-11 PIG00-13661    
 Guardian Underground Fence Receiver Collar GIG11-10776, PG-250 PUL-250* RFA-67D-11 RFA-41
 Guardian Wireless Pet Containment System GIF-300-11 PIF-300*   RFA-41
 Guardian Wireless Fence Expansion IF-100 IF-100*   RFA-41
 Guardian Wireless Fence Extra Collar GIF-300-11 Collar PIF-275-19* RFA-67D-11 RFA-48
 Guardian Underground Fence GIG11-12112 PRF-304W   RFA-41
 Guardian Fence Extra Collar GIG11-12113     RFA-41
 Guardian Wire and Flags PGA-500 RFA-500*    

Training Systems

 Guardian Ultrasonic Collarless Trainer GUPT-11 PUPT-100* RFA-9V  
 Guardian Remote Trainer GLDT-305-11 PDLDT-305* RFA-9V RFA-41
Guardian Model
PetSafe Equivalent

Pet Doors

 Guardian Dog Door - Small G2-SW-11 P2-SW-11 RFA-104* PPA00-10958
 Guardian Dog Door - Medium G2-MW-11 P2-MW-11 RFA-103* PPA00-10959
 Guardian Dog Door - Large G2-LW-11 P2-LW-11 RFA-102 PPA00-10960
 Guardian Standard Cat Door GCF-500-11 CC10-050-11    

* PetSafe items are identical or slightly improved items and can serve as a direct replacement or compatible with the Guardian item.
If not marked as a direct replacement, the PetSafe item is the nearest functional alternative to the Guardian item.