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For Walls

Doggie doors for walls offer energy efficiency and more options for choosing a spot for installation in your home.

A wall-mount dog door can be installed through any exterior facing wall in your home. This gives you a lot more flexibility as to where to install one as opposed to installing one through a house door.

If the ground will be lower outside than your floor inside, you may consider adding a door step pet platform to help your pet use your door without jumping.

If you are handy then installation should not be an issue. But if you'd rather, any decent handyperson-for-hire in your area should have no trouble at all installing a wall dog door.

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Wall Pet Doors for Cats
For Walls
Cat doors for walls give you more options than any other style in choosing where to install them.
Small Pet Doors for Walls
For Walls
Small pet doors for walls are suitable for most cats and small breed or toy breed dogs.
Medium Wall-Mount Pet Doors
For Walls
Medium wall-mount pet doors can be well worth the extra effort it takes for installation.
Large Dog Doors for Walls
For Walls
Searching for a large dog door for walls? Choose from our wide selection of top quality brands.
Extra Large Dog Doors for Walls
For Walls
Extra large dog doors for walls by top manufacturers with many energy-efficient features.

Dog doors for walls are the most popular style of all, not just on our site but industry-wide. That's because they are generally the most energy-efficient dog doors you can buy, especially if you opt for dual flaps; one on the outside of the house, and one on the inside. On average, the walls in a home are between 4 1/2 to 8 inches thick. So strong winds outside pretty much stay outside.

You couldn't be at a better place if you are looking for dog doors for walls. America's Pet Store carries all of the top brands of wall-mount pet doors and most of them come with a pre-fabricated wall tunnel. However some dog doors for walls do not come standard with a tunnel but offer it instead as an option for an additional charge, which is usually nominal.

Why do tunnels need to be installed with wall-mount pet doors? The reason is that the walls in your house are thicker than are your house doors. Therefore, the same dog door frame for a house door will not fit your house wall. A tunnel, or self-framing kit, would connect the interior dog door frame with the exterior dog door frame. The reason that you need a tunnel is because moisture can penetrate inside your house walls if you do not seal off the opening inside your wall properly.

Door-mount dog doors can be converted into wall-mount pet doors, all you need is a good handyman or a contractor to build you a tunnel that would connect the two pieces (the exterior and interior portions) of the dog door frame. You can also build a tunnel for your dog door if you want to install your dog door through a wall that is thicker than what the pre-manufactured tunnel allows for.

There are two essential things you must consider before cutting a hole to install dog doors for walls. First, you'll want to make sure there are no electrical wires or plumbing located behind the wall at the installation area. Second, you'll want to make absolutely sure that the hole you cut is exactly the right size for the dog door you are going to install. This is often referred to as the "rough cut." Do not purchase a door that does not provide the rough cut dimension.

This means a wall-mount pet door should be chosen before installation so you'll know what size hole to cut, and if your chosen location can accommodate that size hole. Also be sure to take note of the thickness of your wall and the length of the tunnel that comes with your dog door. Is the tunnel long enough to get through your wall? Different brands offer different tunnel sizes and lengths, and still others offer a telescoping tunnel that provides more flexibility for accommodating wall thickness.

Before you click on "Buy Now" or "Add to Shopping Cart" you'll also want to be sure that the wall-mount pet door you are buying has an entrance that is large enough for your dog…or even a little bit larger so your dog can crawl through the tunnel with ease.

Some wall-mount pet doors come with two flaps, or give you the option for two flaps instead of one. If you get two flaps -- one for the outside and one for the inside -- it will increase the insulating value of your dog door. And, as an added bonus, it will look better to have a flap on the side that is exposed to your home.

If you are looking for electric dog doors to install through a wall check out High Tech Pet Power Pet Doors. They offer an optional wall kit that you can purchase separately so you can enjoy the security and convenience offered by automatic dog doors. (They are collar activated pet doors so they will only open for your pet, not for the neighbor's pet and not for raccoons, skunks or any other critters.)

You'll also find wall-mount pet doors on our site made by Ideal Dog Doors (makers of Ruff Weather Dog Doors), Plexidor Dog Doors, and Patio Pacific Endura Flap Dog Doors). Wall dog doors have a fairly wide price range among manufacturers so you are sure to find one in a price range you are comfortable with. For high-end wall-mount pet doors see Hale Dog Doors or for the budget minded check out PetSafe Dog Doors.

If you have a Chihuahua or similarly sized toy breed and are looking at wall dog doors, you might check out Staywell Dog Doors. They offer tunnel extensions for many of their models, but not all of them. (Extensions are available for their 300, 400, 500 and 900 series of dog doors.) Staywell's extensions are unique in that they come in clip-on segments of 2" each, essentially giving you the ability to customize a tunnel that is long enough to get through any wall.

All dog doors for walls carried by America's Pet Store come with easy-to-follow instructions for installation. In the event you require additional assistance or have questions about installing any of our wall dog doors, contact our Customer Service Department and one of our representatives will be happy to help.

America's Pet Store carries many other styles in addition to wall dog doors. In fact, we offer the largest selection of styles and sizes of dog doors online, including hard to find big dog doors, infrared dog doors, and patio door dog doors. Sliding glass doggie doors are popular because no hole is required to be cut through a door or wall. Ask anyone who has ever owned one, patio dog doors are very simple to install and usually take longer to unpack than to install.

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