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A weatherproof pet door will help save home energy in hot, cold and windy conditions.

You'll want to consider a double flap dog door or other type of weatherproof dog door if you live in an area where the weather can get either very hot or very cold. Weatherproof dog doors will increase energy-efficiency in your home. In some cases the energy waste of an inefficient dog door is like opening and closing your home's front door 4 or 5 times a day.

We carry all the best brands of weatherproof dog doors so you can research and compare them all in one place. We suggest you start by taking a look at Ideal's Ruff Weather Dog Doors, Freedom Pet Pass airtight dog doors, or Patio Pacific dog doors with the ultra-efficient and nearly indestructible Endura Flap that comes with a 15-Year Warranty.

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Weatherproof Dog Doors - Door Mount
Weatherproof dog doors suitable for installation in house doors.
Weatherproof Dog Doors for Walls
Weatherproof dog doors for walls are hands down the best solution if energy efficiency is a concern for you.
Weatherproof Dog Doors for Windows
Weatherproof dog doors for windows by Patio Pacific Pet Doors and Hale Pet Doors.
Weatherproof Dog Doors for Sliding Glass Doors
Weatherproof dog doors for sliding glass doors will definitely make a difference in energy efficiency.

Weatherproof dog doors can help to save you money on energy bills for heating or cooling your home. Common features found in many weatherproof dog doors are dual pane glass, double flaps, insulation, weather-stripping and superior seals that can stand up to high winds.

Here is a snapshot of a few of the different brands you'll find on In all cases we carry the full line of these well-known and trusted brands.

Freedom Pet Pass Dog Doors
Freedom Pet Pass dog doors feature completely air-tight flaps to eliminate drafts and reduce heat loss in winter or air-conditioning loss in the summer. Air-tight dog doors will definitely make a difference in your home energy costs. A lot of people donít realize just how much heat/air-conditioning gets wasted day after day with a dog door that does not have an air-tight seal.

How air-tight are Freedom Pet Pass Dog Doors? Check out these short but dramatic demo videos.

Ideal Ruff Weather Dog Doors
If you live in an area where the weather can get pretty ďruffĒ, Ideal Ruff-Weather dog doors are a good choice. We carry Idealís weatherproof dog doors in all sizes; from small (5" W x 9 1/4" H) to super large (15" W x 23" H).

For starters, all of the doors in this line come standard with two flaps, not just one. That alone helps keep your warm air inside (or air conditioning) better than any single flap ever could.

When installed in doors, Ruff-Weather Dog Doors have an insulating air pocket of up to 3 inches between the 2 flaps. Or, when installed through a wall with the optional wall tunnel kit, an insulating air pocket of up to 9 inches! An air-pocket that big provides major energy efficiency. Of course this is true of just about any brand of dog doors for walls. It is the most energy-efficient installation method.

When it comes to comparing brands of weatherproof dog doors, Idealís Ruff Weather Series is well worth a look. These doors all come standard with:

  • Energy efficient structural foam molded plastic adjustable frame telescopes 3/4" to 1 3/4"
  • Weatherseal & Nylon Window Pile for added insulation
  • Innovative Double Vinyl Flap design with Floating Magnetic Bottom Seal that creates an insulating air pocket for maximum insulation
  • Nylon draft restrictor

Patio Pacificís Thermo Panel IIIe Series
Inefficient or low-quality dog doors usually have one or more of the following problems: a poor seal, inferior insulation and/or they blow open when itís windy.

None of those problems exist with Patio Pacificís Thermo Panel IIIe Series of weatherproof dog doors. All of these doors come standard with:

  • Dual-pane, insulated glass
  • "Low E" coating on glass which greatly improves the energy efficiency of the insulated glass unit
  • Draft stopper
  • The award-winning Endura Flap
    Soon after Patio Pacific introduced their Endura Flap dog doors they received the Editorsí Choice Award from Dog Fancy Magazine!

The most important part of all weatherproof dog doors, across all brands, is the flap. Patio Pacific proudly proclaims that their Endura Flap is the best flap that has ever been made. The Endura Flap is slightly thicker than a dual-pane glass unit and provides comparable insulation qualities by incorporating a remarkable 'bellows' design on the flap edges. These bellows move freely in and out between the flap and the frame and allow magnets running the full length on both sides to maintain tight contact with other magnets embedded in the frame. A floating magnet bar across the bottom ensures a tight seal on the fourth side.

The flap and frame have been designed and tested to ensure that the bellows and floating magnet bar perform their job in all weather conditions. This important feature sets the standard for weatherproof dog doors.

Hale Dog Doors - OMNI Patio Panel Series
The products in Haleís OMNI patio dog doors series also qualify as quality weatherproof dog doors. (FYI - The OMNI series of sliding glass dog doors work perfectly with vinyl sliders such as Pella or Andersen brands.) The Omni Patio Panel series comes standard with:

  • Fully weather-stripped flaps (pile weather-stripping)
  • Strong Alnico magnets
  • Double flap to create dead air space between flaps with efficient insulating properties
  • Dual pane glass; excellent insulation

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